Biden SECRET Move EXPOSED by Top Republican

Joe Biden has figured it out.

When there is bad news, they hold off announcing it until late Friday.

This usually means it misses a major news cycle.

We Are on to You

Over the last three months, border numbers have been released at the perfect time… to keep them quiet.

Biden had the numbers released over holiday weekends in November and December.

This month, he waited three weeks, then pushed the record-setting numbers out late on a Friday night.

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green stated, “Another month and another effort from DHS to hinder transparency with the American people.

“It’s no surprise we get our most important information from DHS on a Friday after dark. The Southwest border is an unmitigated disaster and these monthly encounter numbers from DHS prove just that.

“The Biden administration continues to break its own records every month.

“Never before in DHS history has there been a month with encounters this high. It’s no coincidence that all of these dangerous records are happening on Biden’s watch.”

He continued, “However, the tides are changing.

“This Committee will no longer tolerate receiving these critical updates 20 days into the month and we will no longer tolerate this refusal to enforce law and order at the border.

“We look forward to having Secretary Mayorkas before the Committee soon to provide answers and accountability for the significant threat these border security policies have had on our homeland security posture.”

Let’s see if he follows through on that threat.

Source: Fox News

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