Fight Breaks Out on Fox News

Fight Breaks Out on Fox News

A fight broke out on Fox News involving one of the usual suspects, Geraldo Rivera, and another high-profile Fox personality: host of the channel’s hit late-night comedy show, Greg Gutfeld.

During a segment on The Five, the group was discussing Joe Biden’s border crisis and the recent reports of the 15,000 Haitian illegal aliens that have taken over a large area underneath a bridge in Del Rio, Texas.

Things took a hostile turn when the panel’s resident Democrat (who pretends to be a Republican when it suits him) Geraldo Rivera misinterpreted a comment made by Greg Gutfeld.


While Gutfeld was attempting to compare how the Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media cover the illegal immigration crisis and the violent crime crisis that was started by BLM/Antifa in 2020, Rivera misunderstood his point, causing a fight.

According to Gutfeld, the left and the media “are neglecting rising crime rates in U.S. cities,” and “ignoring rampant violent crime that started last summer.”

“All of our cities are degraded, dangerous —,” Gutfeld continued, before being interrupted by Rivera.

“Stop, Geraldo. Let me finish. I let you talk for God knows how long,” Gutfeld said.

Surprisingly, Rivera allowed Gutfeld to finish his point, but later tried to attack him for his statements, implying that Gutfeld was suggesting the migrants would commit crimes if allowed in the country.

“I have to rebut what Greg said about Haitian immigrants and crime,” said Rivera, challenging his cohost to produce evidence linking Haitian immigrants and rises in crime.

Obviously, this was nowhere close to the point Gutfeld was trying to make, and he understandably became agitated.

The two hosts then started to fight:

GUTFELD: Oh my god. You are so wrong, Geraldo.

RIVERA: What does crime have to do with these people? You know what their crime is?

GUTFELD: Jesus Christ, you are totally misreading this! I was talking about how the media covers the story!

RIVERA: These–

GUTFELD: No, no because you screwed up. It’s embarrassing, Geraldo. You’re embarrassing me.

RIVERA: Well, be embarrassed.

GUTFELD: No, because you’re wrong!


GUTFELD: No, no, no, no. Let me respond to your lie to your face! I was talking about how the media ignored a story about the crime issue! It wasn’t about Haiti! Jesus! Apologize!


RIVERA: You wanted to make this stereotypical linkage. And Haitians have been screaming–

GUTFELD: That is so wrong. So wrong.

Rivera was eventually forced to apologize to Gutfeld when Dana Perino, another regular member of the panel, read the transcript back to defend Gutfeld.

“He did not say Haitians are causing crime to go up,” Perino asserted.

“I apologize, Greg,” Rivera told Gutfeld.

“I accept your apology,” Gutfeld replied.

“My problem with what you said is the juxtaposition, even though you did not intend it between violent crime, which is a separate topic and you made that clear in the point and that’s why I apologize,” Rivera added.

“We cannot turn into ‘The View’ and become emotional about things,” Gutfeld noted.


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