She Revealed The Outfit That Got Her Kicked Out of Disneyland…

A new debate has been stirred up in response to a TikTok user discussing her recent experience with the dress code at Disneyland.

The user also showcased the clothing she had been wearing that caused Disneyland to enforce its dress code.

User Aiello introduced the topic of conversation online by talking about the small business she owns which offers clothing and accessories with Disney themes.

Even though she loves Disney, Aiello is only able to travel “one to three times a year,” and will take full advantage of those chances to shoot product shoots for her business.

She continues on to express how shocked and confused she was that Disney personnel enforced a dress code on her.

“So, me being the extra person I am, I got a ball gown to take in front of the Disneyland castle for product photos with my daughter,” Aiello said, uncovering a photo of her in an elaborate green dress.

“I’ve seen lots of influencers take pictures with ball gowns. I’ve done it before at Disney World. I really didn’t think that there was anything wrong with it!”

Of course, numerous TikTok users ran to the comments section to offer their opinions on the situation, to which some mentioned that adults cosplaying Disney characters might mislead staff members as well as young guests.

Aiello shared that she “was taking product photos for my small shop, in a princess dress with my daughter, living our best life. If I knew that this was a rule, I wouldn’t have done.”

According to the Disney theme park dress code, guests are prohibited from wearing floor-length dresses due to security and safety reasons. Apparel “may not reach or drag on the ground,” and layered costumes covering the entire body “may be subject to enhanced security screening.”

Additionally, the website states that “Costumes may not be worn by Guests 14 years of age or older.”

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