Stormy Daniels Hit With Bad News

The legal drama surrounding former President Donald Trump continues on as adult film actress, Stormy Daniels filed a complaint alleging that one of Trump’s lawyers had a conflict of interest in his hush-money case. However, the complaint has been dismissed by the New York attorney grievance committee.

This news is welcome relief for those who have been standing by President Trump through thick and thin.

Daniels’ complaint was filed earlier this year claiming that lawyer Joe Tacopina had a conflict of interest due to his previous dealings with her. She was paid money at the core of Trump’s criminal case in 2016. After investigation, however, the Committee determined to take no further action against Tacopina as there was no conflict or ethical violation whatsoever.

Tacopina has maintained for some time that he never met with Daniels and never represented her either so it wasn’t surprising when The Hill reported him saying “It seems that Stormy Daniels and her joke of a lawyer’s 15 minutes of fame have come to an appropriate end”.

This isn’t the only ongoing criminal case against President Trump though – far from it! He currently faces 34 felony counts related to payments he made to Michael Cohen for Daniels’ silence concerning claims she had an affair with him – all charges which he denies and has entered not guilty pleas for. Multiple pre-trial attempts have been made to drop these charges yet on February 15th, the judge will hear these motions who could potentially change the trial schedule during this hearing too.

The scandal involving President Trump has most definitely put Stormy Daniels in the spotlight but recently she has spoken out about her own concerns over how Americans may be worse off since she came forward with her accusations against Trump so publicly.

She made headlines over summer after speaking candidly about whether or not preventing President Donald from becoming president again would be worth it if it meant making life worse for Americans – “it depends on who gets elected instead” said Daniel’s “it could be even worse. And then I’ve made the most terrible mistake”.

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