WATCH As Van Driver Teaches Carjacker a Lesson!

When a van driver came in contact with a carjacker, he was not about to let them steal his vehicle and chose to fight back and literally kicked the suspect off his van, leaving them to be handled by pursuing police.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office informed WTMJ-TV that calls had come in around 7:30 a.m. that morning regarding an individual attempting to use a traffic cone to strike and enter a vehicle. Thankfully, however, despite repeated attempts by the individual, the driver was able to speed away.

The station reported that authorities responded to the calls but were unable to immediately locate the suspect until they discovered him on Capitol Drive.

A passerby captured the moment on video as the suspect was running from police prior to walking up to the van in question.

The suspect can be seen on the footage yanking open the driver’s side door in an attempt to carjack the van.

The driver of the van told WTMJ that he had been on the road for a job project and was waiting at a traffic light when he noticed the man running through traffic. Apparently after the suspect swung the driver’s side door open, he made his way to grabbing the steering wheel.

However, the van driver was not going to deal with the situation at hand and decided to use his foot to shove the carjacker from the van.

The sheriff’s office stated that authorities approached the carjacker and were met with resistance. However, after the use of a taser, the suspect was handcuffed by police.

The station mentioned that the suspect was placed on a stretcher and into an ambulance to assess possible injuries. While the suspect did not appear to be in distress, both him and authorities did suffer a few minor scrapes from the scuffle.

The event actually took place directly outside the WTMJ offices and many employees directly witnessed the suspect running from police and squad cars.

The video can be found at this link: Resource

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