ALERT: College Football Coach CHARGED With First Degree MURDER

Many have been left shocked by the recent news of DaVonte’ Neal, former high school football star and current assistant coach of the Idaho State football team, who was charged with first-degree murder.

Neal has been place on administrative leave following the news. Idaho State University’s athletic director released a statement regarding Neal’s arrest.

“I have been in constant contact with [ISU head coach Charlie Ragle] who has known Davonte’ for many years and never had any knowledge or suspicion of a possible crime of any kind.”


“The news of Davonte’ Neal’s arrest and charges in Arizona was a great shock. Going forward, we will cooperate in every way possible, safeguard our program and culture, support each other and our students, and allow the legal process to work. The news is devastating and we hope for resolution for all involved.”

CBS Sports offered a report as well:

“The incident resulting in Neal’s arrest occurred in Arizona back in 2017. He faces three other felonies in addition to first-degree murder, including one count of drive-by shooting, a class two felony. Neal was arrested without incident and is currently in jail awaiting extradition back to Arizona.”

Pocatello police arrested Neal on an extradition warrant originally from Maricopa County.

In his high school years, Neal was a two-time football player of the year while playing at Scottsdale Chaparral, after which he played college football at the University of Arizona.

Since news of his arrest, Neal’s name has been removed from the Idaho State college football team website.

Sources: Dailywire, CBS Sports 


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