Arizona GOP Chairwoman is Now Speaking Out

Arizona GOP Chairwoman is Now Speaking Out

After bombshell testimony regarding the audit at a recent state Senate hearing, Arizona GOP Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward is speaking out.

Takeaways from the Audit Hearing

After hearing witness testimony from auditors in Maricopa County, Arizona, many people are convinced that the results of Arizona’s 2020 election are fraudulent.

Here are just some of the bombshells shared on Twitter:


“In Arizona, 74,000 ballots were counted with no record of being sent in. That’s not normal. That’s not right. That’s not safe nor is it secure,” wrote Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert, a Republican.

In a race that was decided by just 10,457 votes, there were several irregularities that have sparked concern:

  • 3,981 people were found to have voted even though they registered to vote after the October 15 deadline.
  • 11,326 people were found to have voted who were not on the voter rolls until December 4, nearly a month after the election.
  • 18,000 people who voted in the election were removed from voter rolls after the election. Typically, names are only removed from voter rolls if the voter is ineligible to vote due to moving to another county or state, being deceased, or for other legitimate reasons.
  • 74,243 mail-in ballots were found with no evidence of ever being sent.

Thousands of duplicated ballots — meaning ballots that were recreated after the originals were found to be damaged — were missing serial numbers, “making it almost impossible to match it up with its corresponding damaged ballot,” according to reporting from Liz Harrington.

Chairwoman Speaks Out

Dr. Kelli Ward, the chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party, tweeted about her concerns immediately after the hearing.

“Revealed: Serious problems with how the Election Management System was used and maintained in Maricopa County. The last anti-virus update was August 2019 when Dominion software was placed in the machines. Extreme vulnerability,” she wrote, adding the hashtag #Hackable.

“Expert says it would take LESS THAN 10 MINUTES to gain access to this system! We need the routers that were legally subpoenaed. Turn them over! Maricopa County has no reason to withhold these routers. The ‘security concerns’ they bring up are unfounded. There is no personal data that will be revealed. MC is blowing smoke & obstructing,” Ward wrote in two additional tweets.

Ward spoke out about the revelations from the audit hearing in her latest “America’s Audit Update” on YouTube. According to Ward, all of this information means one thing: There is a lot more to come from this audit.


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