Breaking: Emergency Nuclear Drills Being Held

On Wednesday, November 10, Residents in Northeastern Taiwan were put through the paces of “duck and cover” drills. The official reason isn’t because China might nuke them at a moment’s notice. “More than 100 residents of New Taipei City took part in” emergency exercises in case of a potential “nuclear accident.”

Nuclear accident drills

Participants, the government carefully notes, “acting as evacuees, were given pills to swallow in the event of a nuclear power plant meltdown and were taught how to decontaminate themselves.”

At the exact same time, “Plant officials assured residents, who took part in the drills over concerns of nearby nuclear plants, that the exercise would be beneficial.” Nuclear energy is totally safe, all the experts insist, unless something goes horribly wrong. China doesn’t need to bomb Taiwan into obedience if they can hack into a reactor.


Thanks to the “antipodes map” we know the fun-fact that if a “China Syndrome” type event were to happen in Taipei, Taiwan, the core would fall through the planet and come out near “Asuncion, Paraguay.” Taiwanese power officials “compare our power plant with the Fukushima incident in Japan to see what we can do to ensure the safety of our nuclear energy, so that our people can rest assured,” Wilson Wang, manager of the North Exhibition Center of Kuosheng Nuclear Power Plant notes.

The better understanding locals have of their work, the safer they will feel. Then, they hold emergency drills. “So come to understand us more and get more knowledge. You will get a rational understanding of our nuclear energy as well as the advantages and disadvantages of various power generation methods.”

Xi Jinping and Joe Biden are expected to have a little video chat about the “One China Policy” on Monday. Taiwan was holding the duck and cover drills the very same day Minister of State Antony Blinken crossed a diplomatic red line. According to Blinky, “The United States and its allies would take unspecified “action” if China were to use force to alter the status quo over Taiwan.”

We’re supposed to stay out of China’s business, Xi is expected to remind Biden. Blinky isn’t playing by the “strategic ambiguity” agreement.

China making moves

As reported by Taiwan News, if China were to invade Taiwan and start an occupation, there isn’t much Uncle Sam could do about it. Peter Huessy, head of the GeoStrategic Analysis, recommends “deterring China before that happens is the best bet for the U.S.” Experts aren’t happy “about China’s rapidly expanding nuclear weapons arsenal.”

Taiwan’s drills come in the shadow of uncertainty. Beijing was assessed recently as having “constructing more than 350 missile silos, building the world’s largest navy with deep-sea force projection capacity, and having the strongest ballistic missiles in the Western Pacific.”

The palace is getting nervous now that “China has real coercive military capabilities, especially owing to its growing nuclear arsenal.” Especially when Joe Biden is such a pushover on the world stage.

The intelligence analysts say the nuclear emergency drills aren’t a bad idea but probably won’t be needed. According to Timothy R. Heath, a defense expert at the RAND Corporation, “the possibility of an armed conflict between the U.S. and China is extremely low.”

The drills prove that Taiwan is edgy. They’re hoping that Biden’s handlers give him something to work with instead of simply caving in to China.

Considering his conflicts of financial interest through the shenanigans of his son Hunter Biden, Joe might have sold Taiwan out already. Meanwhile, the nuclear power plant engineers don’t even plug in a coffee pot without making sure it can’t infect the reactor software.

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