Canadian Communists and Socialists Unite to Declare Support for Emergency War Declaration Against Canadian Citizens

It seems that Canada is just as infested with socialist rats as America is. They call the Communists in their House of Parliament the “New Democratic Party” and the Socialists “Liberal Party of Canada.” They both teamed up to “vote their support for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s deployment of the Emergency War Measures Act.” Dirty bleepards.

Canadian Communists unite

The rat bleepard Canadian Communists pushed the vote to 185 in support and 151 against, clearing the way for the Canadian government to officially declare war on “citizens who protested against government.” As Conservative Treehouse points out, that “parliamentary support of the Emergency War Measures Act” was just what rainbow sock wearing Trudeau needed.

It gives “government the authority to hunt down their political opposition, arrest any dissident member who may have petitioned their government with grievances against the covid mandates, and begin seizing the financial assets of anyone who might still challenge the government mandates of Justin Trudeau.

If you sent twenty bucks to the truckers, they can lock your checking account down. The Canadian press quickly confirmed that a “motion affirming the Liberal government’s decision to invoke the Emergencies Act passed a crucial House of Commons vote.

That guaranteed “the expansive powers contained in the act remain in use.” They specifically praise their pet communists for that. Thanks “to parliamentary support from the New Democrats.

Because it’s an emergency act, it took effect right away. The liberal government still needed to justify using the powers by getting “approval for its decision to invoke the act from the House of Commons within seven days.

If that vote went south, “the emergency declaration would have been revoked.” Communists made sure it went through.

Economic civil war

If all of that doesn’t sound bad enough, Trudeau and the communists running Canadian government have “already announced their intent to make the authority within the emergency act a permanent status in Canadian law.

Conservatives are shocked at the move. “A state of economic civil war now exists in Canada.” A chilling warning is spreading across the frozen north, “conduct your affairs accordingly.

Now, some say, is a good time for the resistance movement to lay down “a general strike against liberal interests.” It’s become glaringly obvious that the “blue-collar working class is being hunted by the elite communist and socialist class.


Just like that movie the American liberals tried to release on the public just before the 2020 election. “In this specifically created caste system, a rebellion is most effective when the working class stop facilitating the lives of the oppressor group.” The Communists are about to have their own script flipped on them.

Over at the Conservative Treehouse, they have some friendly advice to frustrate all the nasty plans the communists come up with. “Stay small, comply strategically, think like an insurgent, and use every opportunity to throw sand into the machinery.

The number one thing to keep in mind at all times, they remind, is “above all… never let the bleepards wear you down!

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