Greg Gutfeld Gets Emotional Discussing Mother-In-Law In Ukraine, Fox News Coworkers

Fox News Host Was Distraught During Recent Broadcast

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld on Wednesday was overwhelmed with emotion when discussing his mother-in-law, who is currently stuck in Ukraine, and his colleagues working for Fox News reporting from the country currently being invaded by Russia.

“I do wanna point out that, like, our coworkers are unbelievably awesome,” Gutfeld stated on Fox News’ The Five. “The things that they have been doing for a grouchy cynical bastard like myself. People have been helping me out, somebody who has been obnoxious to them before, and will probably be obnoxious to them after.”

“These guys over there — I won’t name them, but you probably know who they are, you’ve seen them — they’re absolute heroes helping out a little old lady they just met,” he continued, getting emotional as he referred to his wife’s mother. “And maybe by tomorrow or the next day she’s… gonna be with her daughter, and it’s because of those guys who work for Fox News.”

Gutfeld went on to name Fox News vice president of field operations Scott Wilder, Fox News correspondent Steve Harrigan, and Fox News foreign correspondent Trey Yingst, acknowledging their work and assistance with his family. “They are all just heroes,” he said.

During the same episode of The Five, the co-hosts talked about Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address. In the discussion, Gutfeld mentioned Biden’s shift in messaging, especially when it comes to funding the police.

“This jacka** … didn’t do a thing when cops were being killed,” Gutfeld said, referring to Biden. “When businesses were being burned, he hid in his basement. And only when it became politically expedient, when he was worried about losing an election, and now when an election is coming up, now all of a sudden he is backing the blue? Because he felt it was better, at the time, right, to embrace the woke orthodoxy that put BLM above law enforcement. That’s what he did.”

“So, I’m sorry, when I see CNN’s recently-purchased conservatives, you know those principled few, supporting — ‘Oh, isn’t this great? Look at him! Such a good thing!’ You’re an idiot, because this guy was nowhere to be found,” the Fox News host added.

Fellow co-host on The Five and former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino also called out Joe Biden, this time for his comments on oil production (or the lack thereof) during the State of the Union address, The Daily Wire previously reported. The outlet wrote:

Perino called the White House’s move to release 60 million barrels of oil from strategic reserves, working with 30 other countries, “insulting.”

“That is, I think, an insulting policy decision by the White House, and to proclaim that like it’s some great thing for the State of the Union address,” Perino said. “Because, if you’re at home, you’re thinking ‘60 million barrels, that’s not a lot.’ It’s less than three days of what we consume. That’s ridiculous.”

“What the president could have done last night, he could have done an ‘[Operation] Warp Speed’ for innovation, in terms of [producing] cleaner energy — reward innovation,” Perino continued. “But to then tell the Left, veryclearly, ‘We are going to have to ramp up our traditional fossil fuels for the next several years so that we can protect our national security, protect your gas prices, but rest assured we’re trying to get to the greener energy.”

“We actually changed our entire energy policy because Greta Thunberg yelled at us,” Perino added.

Source: The Daily Wire

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