Man Contacts Police After Discovering Gruesome Surprise His Dogs Left on Porch

According to Georgia police, an unnamed man returned to his home after a night out to discover something suspicious left on his porch.

When the man got closer he found the fresh remains of 21-year-old Alex Binyam Abraha left just outside his front door, which prompted his emergency call.

Coweta County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived on the scene to find Abraha’s mangled body.

Investigators are speculating that the deceased man was attempting to break into the home when the owners’ two pit bulls mauled him.

It’s likely Abraha made attempts to escape the home when he encountered the dogs, however he was attacked.

Evidence suggests that Abraha was eventually able to free himself of the two dogs and exit the home, but quickly succumbed to his serious injuries, only making it to the front porch.

According to police, Abraha had multiple active warrants out for his arrest in Fulton County, however the man’s family is demanding answers and maintains that there is no evidence he had done anything wrong.

The question still remains as to why Abraha was at this homeowner’s residence, given that the two did not know each other.

While the investigation continues, the two dogs have been seized and handed over to animal services, meanwhile the homeowner will not face any charges.

Many online users expressed their concerns for what will happen to the dogs, however Coweta County Sheriff’s Office later confirmed the dogs are being held in 10-day quarantine before being released back to their owner.



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