Crime Sprees Have Become Totally Legal in This State…

The out of control crime spree has a simple cause. Democrat “sabotage.” It’s no wonder that police in New York City are totally overwhelmed. Liberal legislators crafted a law which resulted in “surges” of dropped prosecutions. Criminals are going right back on the street without ever seeing a judge.

Crime spree totally legal

Citywide, New York is dismissing court cases in such record numbers that they’re having an out of control crime spree. The current rate has spiked up so considerably under the new discovery law that they won’t give statistics for 2022. When it started in 2019 they dismissed 44% and it was up to “69% by mid-October 2021.” That’s for the felonies.

For misdemeanor cases, the increase was even more dramatic, jumping from 49% to 82% during the same period.” They won’t even hint at how high the latest felony numbers are but probably around 90%. Maybe higher.

As a direct result of the controversial statute, the city saw “a devastating rise in crime and a drop in arrests.” Police don’t even bother filling out the paperwork anymore. As arrests went down, shootings and murders skyrocketed.

An intensive study by conservative think tank Manhattan Institute pins the blame squarely on the “clerical burden” imposed on prosecutors who must “assemble and redact limitless documents and videos” for defense lawyers as part of the legal process called “discovery.” Discovery has been around forever. You show me yours and I’ll show you mine in the legal world. What changed is the timing.

The state enacted crippling “speedy trial” laws. The result is assistant district attorneys “run out of time to try cases or file motions to extend defendants’ detention.” Defense lawyers simply run out the clock.

Prosecutors are busy “chasing paper” to “meet discovery deadlines as short as 20 days for defendants in jail.” That’s a heartbeat in Lawyerville. Crime is going through the roof because of it.

Legal sabotage in practice

Along with rocks in the shoes of prosecutors, criminals are thrilled with the state’s bail reform changes which have them back on the street and stealing again within hours, when they actually do happen to get arrested.

The whole “speedy-trial window,” is nothing but a loophole to let “sleazy defense lawyers sabotage prosecutors” by taking advantage of the system. The effect of increasing crime is enormous.

Former NYPD analyst Hannah Meyers got her hands on an “internal guide prepared by the Legal Aid Society” It recommends defense attorneys “delay filing motions to suppress evidence until the last possible moment.

Meanwhile, the crime prosecution window keeps closing. “Defense attorneys can easily take advantage of this new leverage, contributing to the vastly increased dismissal rates, especially on low-level offenses.

Serious crime like murder and armed robbery will continue unabated for the foreseeable future because the discovery law “crippled” the justice system. Faced with the impossible, prosecutors are leaving in droves, along with the cops.

Making the problem even worse, there’s no incentive to attract new ones. Where the prosecutor’s office once had a “steady stream of qualified applicants,” it’s been months since they had any applicants at all.

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