Rioting Begins, But Quickly Halted After They Find Out Police Shot a Caucasian

Rioting Begins, But Quickly Halted After They Find Out Police Shot a Caucasian

The rapidly declining leftist city of Portland was the scene of yet another riot recently, except this one ended with everyone going home after finding out that the violent criminal that they were rioting for was white.

On the afternoon of June 24, Portland Police officers were involved in a shooting near a downtown motel. Early rumors about the police-involved shooting reported that the suspect was a “person of color,” so naturally the left organized a riot.

Red State reports: “No better excuse exists to kick off the night’s rioting on Portland streets before sunset so in pretty much no time at all you had hostile encounters between police trying to maintain the perimeter of an active crime-scene investigation, and Portland’s professional riot class, also known as the unemployed loser population.”


Journalist and author Andy Ngo was able to capture video footage from the riot, and shared it on Twitter.

“A group of antifa & far-left protesters have gathered in NE Portland after a purported police-involved shooting of a knife wielding man. Antifa mobilized their members by saying the man is a person of color. Police issued statement saying he’s white,” Ngo tweeted.

“Scenes of violence in NE Portland as antifa & far-left rioters gathered to disrupt police investigating a shooting crime scene. Antifa falsely claimed the person shot by an officer is POC,” Ngo wrote in another tweet.

Zane Sparling, a reporter for the Portland Tribune, shared a tweet about the man who was shot by police.

“Eyewitness: People at Motel 6 were trying to get man with knife in mental crisis back into his 2nd floor room in Portland. ‘Dude wouldn’t come in there. He went into another hotel room on the bottom. Cops got him out of there, he booked it & that’s when the cops shot his a—,'” Sparling wrote.

The altercations between the police and rioters continued late into the night.

“After a police shooting at the Motel 6 on NE Holliday st. Near the Convention Center. Portland Police push protesters away from the crime scene using pepper spray before halting and holding formation,” Independent Media PDX wrote in a tweet.

Then, all of a sudden, rioters started to leave. The announcement that the man who was shot by police was white, while the officer was black, was enough to send the terrorists home.

The suspect who was shot by police later died at a Portland-area hospital.

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