Turncoat RINO Says Life Is Hard Since He Betrayed His Constituents

The turncoat RINO Adam Kinzinger flirted with sad Chucky Todd on Meet The Press.  Kinzinger used the fake news platform to play the pity card about receiving hate mail about his impeachment vote. The bottom line is that he has betrayed his constituents and they’re not happy!

RINO Seeks Sympathy

The Congressman promotes himself as a “Progressive Republican”. He rides on the coat tails of great men like Abraham Lincoln.  He professes love for the working class, yet he votes BIG BUSINESS every single time. The real reason he’s seeking pity is for self promotion of his new “Country 1st” PAC.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., said in the wake of the call, no member of Congress could object to the election results with a “clean conscience.” Maybe this RINO was a backbench cheerleader for the first Trump impeachment.


He didn’t take his mask off that hid his Trump Derangement Syndrome until it was clear the election was stolen. Kinzinger rode the wave of the Tea Party into office and quickly learned how to behave when it comes to loyalty to donor money.

The out of touch RINO even believes that a percentage of 2nd Amendment supporting Patriots would go hunting without a weapon. He believes that there was truly an insurrection attempt at the Capitol.

Ask ANY God fearing, law abiding American, particularly a Veteran, if there was a true assault on the Capitol. Being a Veteran himself, he should already know this answer, yet he still claimed “rhetoric” from President Trump incited this fiasco.

His GOP establishment point of view has hijacked his Tea Party upbringing. There is no reason why his constituents should not feel betrayed!


RINO Support Network

He hides in plain sight and smiles with the likes of RINO Mitt Romney and RINO Ben Sasse. They’re three peas in a pod.

The sad news is these RINO Never Trumper hacks will be the fledgling mouth pieces for Democrats and fake news media for months and possibly years to come. All three of these RINO’s have betrayed their constituents and the American people.

He’s been making the rounds on all of the cable news channels. They’re using him to endorse their own narrative that the big orange man is bad.

He is parroting the swamp and main stream media. Even the great one, Mark Levin, is calling him a Bozo.

In closing, it’s quite obvious that Adam Kinzinger is polishing up his resume of Anti-Trump soundbites to get a gig on CNN or MSNBC after he either chooses not to seek re-election or he gets his hat handed to him in a primary.

Make no mistake about it. If he seeks another term, he will be defeated and embarrassed badly in the primary with radio and tv ads broadcasting his traitorous rants against one of the greatest Presidents to ever serve our Great Country.

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