After realizing his career is over, RINO decides to launch PAC

The fake news media darling of the moment is Adam Kinzinger.  They’re splashing him across TV screens for one reason and one reason only – he is attacking Donald Trump and betraying his constituents. Kinzinger announced that he is indeed not going to go down without a fight, so he launched a RINO PAC called “Country 1st.”

The new America 1st PAC mission statement

He’s as bad as Sleepy Joe Biden about plagiarizing people. Doesn’t the RINO Kinzinger know that it was Donald Trump that vowed to put “America First” and was doing so successfully, despite the opposition and barriers of weasels like this Congressman? What is our great Country called Congressman? It’s called AMERICA!

“Our country’s future is truly unlimited. After all, we are the party that ended slavery, secured women’s suffrage, and won the war against communist tyranny. Now we must be the party that lifts up the rural town and the inner city. We must be the party that empowers every student to soar and every family to thrive.”


This open thesis of their mission statement is astounding! It’s tremendous! It means nothing. Does this RINO mean that our future is truly unlimited by dictatorship? Sleepy Joe’s executive orders are stacking up higher than our history has never seen before. Taking credit for true leaders.

He claims to be a beacon of hope for students and families to thrive. How many times did Kinzinger meet with Ben Carson? How many times did he offer solutions or ideas for the opportunity zones that President Trump initiated? Kinzinger’s mission statement, just like his tongue in cheek digs at Trump, is hollow and weak, just like him.

Kinzinger selling his new PAC on fake news CNN

RINO Voting Record That Disputes The PAC

Adam Kinzinger LOVES Big Business. Adam Kinzinger LOVES taxing the middle class. This RINO favors the wealthy almost 95% of the time with his voting. He can quote Ronald Reagan and say he’s a true Conservative with a sparkle in his eye, but true Conservative Patriots can smell his BS through the TV.

He bragged in his mission statement about the party that ended women’s suffrage, but his votes have only supported women’s rights 13.7% of the time. Lastly, Kinzinger is not a strong LGBT Rights supporter and proved it by remaining silent about Brandon Straka. The proud gay conservative created the #WalkAway movement and garnered amazing support for Trump and Republicans, including the RINO Kinzinger.

He has started this political action party NOT to “bring the party back together,” but rather to manufacture the golden parachute for his future after he is voted out of office.  RINO Adam Kinzinger could be challenged by Ernie from Sesame Street and get beat.  Honestly, he’s that bad.  Belittling Kevin McCarthy for visiting Donald Trump saying that he was “kissing the ring” is WAY out of bounds.  In closing, I do wish Kinzinger luck in funding his new PAC.  He should already have some donations rolling in from his Anti-Trump sugar daddies.

  1. Having met Kinzinger years ago, I thought he would keep to his word..He didn’t and nI have written to him to not show his face in the district that he represents..We don; want him..

  2. Goodbye Adam Kinzinger and please Don’t Allow the Door to “HIT You in the ASS” on Your WAY OUT. … You had a good run sucking off the tit of the American citizen. Do of course have a great life and you’ll make a wonderful – used chrome bumper – salesman.

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