Arizona Audit Hits New Milestone

In the most divisive recent political battle in Arizona since the days of SB1070 the 2020 Election Audit has drawn the attention of the nation to the Valley of the Sun. The 2020 Election Audit, in spite of straight-up threats from the Biden-Harris regime’s DoJ, multiple attempts to derail it by Democrats through the courts, and being maligned for months by the mainstream media has reached a crucial milestone on June 14th when “counters finished tallying all the regular ballots cast in November’s presidential and U.S. Senate election”, the Arizona Senate liaison informed the press.

Fox News reports, that former Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, tasked by the Senate with monitoring the Cyberninja led contractors recounting the sum 2.1 million ballots, “said all that remains are a small number of boxes filled with Braille, large-type, overseas military and duplicated ballots.”

“We have probably by the end of today essentially completed the counting, but there are other aspects of the audit that could happen simultaneously,” said Bennett.

Fmr. Secretary Bennett told the press that the audit is expected to be completed by the end of the month. The effort is now moving into a new phase. Since the physical hand-count has been completed, audit workers are now photographing each ballot to ensure that no false ballots have been inserted into the process. No information has been officially released on the “results” of the audit and none are expected until after the entire process has been completed.


In response to the flurry of rumors regarding missing ballots, Bennett said, “Anyone who says there’s 200,000 short is guessing,” Bennett said. “Randy [Pullen] says that’s crazy, I say it’s not a finding we’ve made yet.”

As The Audit Rounded The Milestone–The Hit A Nerve

On June 11th it was reported that the Department of Justice under frustrated SCOTUS nominee turned Biden-Harris regime Attorney General Merrick Garland “is staffing up and will apply new “scrutiny” to controversial audits looking for evidence of fraud in the 2020 Election”. The underlying message was unmistakable: Biden’s DoJ is under orders to join the mainstream media in frantically working to undermine any findings that the audits may produce. Findings that threaten to eliminate the paper-thin claims of legitimacy the Democrat-Socialist coup has clung to.

Garland said. “As part of its mission to protect the right to vote, the Justice Department will, of course, do everything in its power to prevent election fraud, and if found, to vigorously prosecute it,”  He then followed his condescending placation with his DNC scripted talking points surgically targeting any suggestions of electoral fraud and belittling Americans deathly serious concerns.

“But many of the justifications proffered in support of these post-election audits and restrictions on voting have relied on assertions of material vote fraud in the 2020 election that have been refuted by law enforcement and intelligence agencies of both this administration and the previous one, as well as by every court, federal and state, that has considered them,” he added.

Attorney General Mark Brnovich of Arizona saw directly through Garland’s obfuscation and thinly veiled threat. He responded in kind.

“My office is not amused by the DOJ’s posturing and will not tolerate any effort to undermine or interfere with our State Senate’s audit to reassure Arizonans of the accuracy of our elections. We stand ready to defend federalism and state sovereignty against any partisan attacks or federal overreach.

It is important to remember that the states created the federal government, not the other way around. America’s founders intentionally restrained the federal government’s constitutional boundaries to ensure each state could flourish in unique ways. Today, our federal government has largely forgotten the Founders’ intent, but my office has not.”

Someone should really let Biden, Harris and Garland know, State Attorneys General like Mike Brnovich and Texas’ Ken Paxton are not messing around, they will not only defend States’ sovereignty… they will ENFORCE it.


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