CRIMINAL Adam Schiff Just Landed In REALLY Hot Water

At this point in time, it is public knowledge that Adam Schiff has been actively involved in the Russiagate conspiracy ever since its start. In fact, special counsel John Durham just confirmed that he had been involved in the conspiracy since way back in July of 2016.

Durham has released some documents related to the Trump-Russia collusion sham conjured up by Hillary Clinton’s corrupt gang. It reveals that not only Adam Schiff but also Dianne Feinstein are named as recipients of Fusion GPS emails dating back as far as 2016.

While a sizeable number of emails have been recently released by Durham, one of those emails in particular proves that Schiff has been involved in the Russia collusion lie since July 2016.

WLT further commented:

What were they doing by talking to Fusion GPS way back then?

Personally, I think that it won’t be too long before Schiff is eventually dragged into court over this. Sussmann’s trial begins next month, and once that happens much more information is going to come to light.

If I were him I would be trembling at the development of Fusion GPS emails entering into evidence, as well as the public interest…

And this is what we know so far:

Hey ⁦⁦@AdamSchiff⁩ – why does Fusion GPS seem to think you have information on Carter Page in July 2016?

Here’s what The Gateway Pundit reported:

A number of emails have been released in Durham’s latest. One email showed that pencil-neck Adam Schiff was involved in the Russia collusion lie as early as July 2016.

The Red State Observer also reported:

Indeed, the documents produced by Fusion GPS to date reflect hundreds of emails in which Fusion GPS employees shared raw, unverified, and uncorroborated information – including their own draft research and work product – with reporters.

And they appear to have done so as part of a (largely successful) effort to trigger negative news stories about one the Presidential candidates.

Sources: WLT, The Red State Observer


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