Dems Turn Their Back On Biden

Things are looking good for Biden, as just recently he was diagnosed with COVID-19.

But that’s just scratching the surface of his bad luck.

At this point we’re all well aware that Biden’s approval ratings have plummeted, now sitting at the lowest in all of history.

With him only being in office for barely 2 years, somehow he has managed to throw the U.S. into a crisis.

And the failures go on and on, with gas prices still at an all-time high, legislation being put off, poor immigration policies, recession, and many more.

We would think that things couldn’t get any worse, but it seems we were wrong, as now even his very own political party is refusing Biden.

Multiple times has Biden shows a remarkable facility for caving under the pressure from the far left of his own party.

And now Democrats want someone else to run for their party’s nomination in 2024.

A recent CNN poll revealed that 75% of Democrats want another Democratic candidate for 2024.

During a radio interview Democratic Representative Dean Phillips said that he would not support Biden running again in 2024, instead calling for a “generational change” at the top of the ticket, and with Rep. Angie Craig’s (D-MN) who also public calls for a replacement of the president.

When questioned if he would support Biden in a reelection campaign the next cycle, Phillips responded “no.”

“I think the country would be well-served by a new generation of compelling, well-prepared, dynamic Democrats who step up,” he said on Chad Hartman’s radio show.

“And I think most of my colleagues agree with that,” Phillips added.

Watch it here: Youtube/CBS News

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