The Mysterious Murder of Wealthy Mother and Son

Recently, some videos emerged that shed light on the execution style murder of Paul Murdaugh and his mother Maggie Murdaugh. Both are members of “a prominent legal family” in South Carolina but it seems the killing was retaliation for a “deadly drunken boat crash” a couple years before.

Mysterious double murder

When videos recently surfaced of the “deadly and drunken boat crash” involving Paul Murdaugh “two years before he was found executed alongside his mother,” the sound track provided an interesting clue to the double murder.

One passenger who was involved in the boat crash is heard saying the young socialite “should rot in f–king prison.” The Murdaughs were discovered “outside their sprawling 1,700 acre home in Islandton on June 7.”

At the time of his murder, Paul Murdaugh was in the process of defending against charges of “drunkenly crashing his father’s 17-foot boat.”

That happened in February of 2019 and “caused the death of 19-year-old Mallory Beach.” Her family members just became prime suspects.

When the videos from the crash investigation came out, they appeared against a background of police corruption in the case. A few weeks ago, “allegations surfaced that law enforcement tried to cover for the Murdaugh family immediately after the boating ordeal.” Including Paul Murdaugh, there were six people on the boat when it crashed.

Three of them “ended up in the water as a result of the crash and Mallory Beach’s body wasn’t discovered until seven days later.” The murder is looking more connected every day.

Needs to rot in prison

One thing is certain, one of the four people on the boat that night other than Paul and Mallory has a foul mouth and also thinks’ Paul is responsible.

“That motherf–ker needs to rot in f–king prison” the individual tells police. He knows that the family has connections though. “He ain’t gonna get in no f–king trouble.” The person may have resorted to murder since the police didn’t seem to be moving fast enough.

Passenger Connor Cook sustained a broken jaw in the crash so you can rule him out as the one who made the incriminating remarks to police which could have led to murder. Cook and his lawyers are responsible for the video evidence though.

His attorneys “filed a petition with the courts alleging that law enforcement tried to move the focus away from Murdaugh.” His cousin, Anthony Cook, is heard “telling a police officer that Paul Murdaugh was driving the boat when the accident that killed Mallory Beach occurred.”

In another clip, police ask Cook’s cousin, who also happened to be Beach’s boyfriend, who was driving the boat. He’s heard “telling them it was Murdaugh.” The police didn’t write that down. They lied and say “Anthony didn’t know who was driving.”

Another one of the videos shows Anthony Cook “telling police that he had begged Murdaugh to let him drive the boat because he was too drunk.” He’s looking like suspect number one in the double murder now. “My girlfriend’s gone and I ain’t gonna be able to live with myself,” he told police. “Is anybody in the water looking for her?”

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