Triple Homicide Suspects Arrested, Sheriff Releases Statement

La Crosse County Sheriff Jeff Wolf has provided all the details they can make public about the town’s July 23rd triple homicide. Workers at the Romskog Quarry rolled up just before 5:00 a.m. that morning and discovered the bodies. Thanks to a witness, the police have a pretty good idea what happened and why. They also have the suspects in custody.

Sheriff fills in the gaps

Sheriff Wolf gave a highly informative press conference to update his local citizens on the status of their recent triple homicide. He assured his neighbors that what happened is an isolated incident and not a threat to the general community.

The men responsible for the killings are safely behind bars and his deputies are running down all the loose ends unraveling out from the murder investigation.


The Sheriff relates that their probe revealed some disturbing facts. In the early morning hours of the fateful day, around 2:15 a.m., Peng Lor and Nemo Yang, both aged 24, along with their associate, 23-year-old Trevor Maloney, were executed by Nya Thao. The murder was ordered by Khamthaneth Rattanasack, who provided the gun.

Police would probably still be scratching their heads over what happened if it wasn’t for a witness. A few hours after they found the bodies, they got a call from a panic stricken woman who said she had been there.

According to Sheriff Wolf, she told his deputies “that the three victims were staying in the same room at an Onalaska hotel.” She was driving them around on delivery runs the evening before the murders. They stopped at a different hotel to make a drop and when they came back out, a man was sitting behind the wheel of her car. She knew him as “Kush.”

Cops call him Nya Thao. She recognized Khamthaneth Rattanasack too, but calls him “Black.” He was pointing a gun out the window of his Mercedes and told her to get in with Kush, who slid over so she could drive. The others got in too and were told to follow the Mercedes.

Kneel on the ground

As soon as they got to the quarry the scene became a basic gangland execution. Everyone got out of the vehicles and “Rattanasack ordered the three victims to kneel on the ground,” hitting Maloney with the handgun. The witness notes, Rattanasack then “gave the gun to Thao who then shot the men multiple times.”

The men got back in the Mercedes and left. She wondered why she wasn’t left laying there too and split before the killers realized their mistake. Thankfully, she called the Sheriff and now she’s in witness protection.

“Black,” 44-year-old Khamthaneth Rattanasack, “had just left prison and claimed Nemo Yang had stolen $600 from him.” Something to do with some credit cards. The Sheriff relates that despite “a relative’s offer to pay the alleged debt, the relative was told ‘he wants (Yang’s) life.'”

The shootings “may also be tied to feuding gangs.” Investigators think “that some of the victims and suspects were potential members of the ‘true Asian Bloods’ and the ‘Crazy Hmong Boys.'” His detectives tracked them down with “cell phones, social media, and police informants.”

Along with the two suspects, The sheriff has the Mercedes booked into evidence “along with at least one cell phone that is believed to belong to the victims.” They arrested Rattanasack in Amherst, Wisconsin, but not until after a chase. “As they were investigating, a vehicle left the residence. When pulled over, Rattanasack fled from the vehicle but was arrested after a short foot chase.”

They nabbed Thao without incident “at a residence in Wausau.” The two of them face identical charges of “first-degree intentional homicide, which each carry a life sentence in prison if convicted.” They can get out on house arrest with an ankle monitor if they can each scrounge together a cash bond of $1 million.

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