Ron DeSantis Rips Biden to Shreds AGAIN

Ron DeSantis may not be a saint but he’s a deplorable conservative for sure. On the eve of our national 9/11 anniversary he ripped into Joe Biden for the bungled fiasco called Afghanistan. There are rumors swirling around the beltway that before the palace completely caved in to the Taliban there was talk of getting a “9/11 photo op” out of America’s withdrawal.

DeSantis shreds palace propaganda

Joe Biden actually believed his handlers when they told him that pulling American troops out of Afghanistan would make a great photo-op to use on the 9/11 anniversary. After all, he ended the forever war. That should be good for something in the political world.

They didn’t seem to understand leaving the Afghanis behind to run their own country with no air support or military backing was a recipe for disaster. DeSantis is furious. Trump would have evacuated all the Americans and green card holding allies first, while the military retained full control.


Biden’s troop withdrawal from Afghanistan was “humiliating.” He left hundreds of Americans and allies behind to be killed or worse, while handing ISIS-K and the Taliban billions worth of high tech battle gear.

The goat humpers are already joyriding around Kabul in Black Hawk choppers. Governor DeSantis used his Friday memorial speech to focus on the issue. “To see that happen without any planning, with no support, basically, a total fiasco. They were not served well by their leadership in this.”

It’s a slap in the face to those who rushed to the rescue twenty years ago when the twin towers came crashing down. What happened in Afghanistan, DeSantis insists, was a “real stain on our country.” It seems like the whole thing was all about publicity.

“I don’t know why it was done that way. People have said they wanted to have some type of 9/11 photo op, which obviously is not going to happen now. But it was not done right and those folks were not supported.”

Taliban with our jets

Watching the Taliban climbing into the cockpits of American fighter planes and jets is annoying to patriots like DeSantis. “To see the Taliban with all our military equipment over there? That’s humiliating for our country.” He made a second appearance later in Holiday, Florida.

At that event he praised our military despite inept leadership. “They deserve the best leadership at the top. They deserve people that care about them.” Too bad they aren’t getting that.

The imperial palace is not happy with DeSantis one bit these days. When he isn’t calling them out for bumbling ineptitude and caving in to the Taliban, he’s busy showing his policy of mask and vaccine freedom doesn’t have bodies piling up in the streets as liberals fear.

The science supports the Florida decisions on mask and vaccine mandates but the palace prefers to take their orders from the teacher’s union.

While Florida Governor Ron DeSantis tells his citizens they can decide for themselves what works best for them, Joe Biden and the imperial palace take away your freedoms with Gestapo like vaccination papers. His Imperial Wisdom declared over the weekend that any company with more than 100 employees must insist they all have a shot.

Healthcare workers, first responders and police are quitting in herds. So many nurses refused the shot at Lowville, New York’s Lewis County General Hospital that women can’t have babies. They can’t deliver your child there because “too many maternity unit workers have resigned over COVID vaccination mandates.” That’s only the beginning.

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