Senator Puts Iranian Regime Ahead of Americans’ Safety

Senator Chris Murphy (D., Conn.) has been receiving harsh criticism in response to comments he made about supporting the lifting of sanctions on the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which is Iran’s top terrorist group, responsible for the death of over 600 Americans and aiding in attacks on U.S. outposts across the Middle East. Murphy told MSNBC in an interview that the removal of sanctions of IRGC is “inconsequential.”

“Yes. I mean, the practical impact of designating [the IRGC] as a Foreign Terrorist Organization is inconsequential,” Murphy said.

The majority of pushback Murphy received from his comments was from the advocacy group Iranian Americans for Liberty, who are opponents of the hardline regime.

“Let us be clear—diplomacy with the world’s leading fiscal and logistical sponsor of terrorism will never succeed. More importantly—diplomacy with the Islamic Republic will not benefit the American people, our allies in the region, or the liberty-seeking Iranian people,” Bryan Leib, Iranian Americans for Liberty’s executive director, told the Washington Free Beacon. “Shame on … Senator Chris Murphy and any elected official who believes removing the IRGC from the [Federal Terrorist Organizations] list will do anything but further embolden the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

It’s known that Murphy is a strong defender of the Iranian regime, especially given the secret meeting he held with Iran’s then-foreign minister, Javad Zarif, who held a primary role in the creation of the 2015 nuclear accord that provide Iran and IRGC billions of dollars in financial support. Additionally, Murphy had been against the assassination of IRGC terrorist group leader Qassem Soleimani at the hands of Trump’s administration back in 2020, which he controversially compared to “the equivalent of the Iranians assassinating the U.S. secretary of defense.”

The Iranian Americans for Liberty advocate group shared in a statement that they are not at all surprised by Murphy’s comments given that he holds close ties with an Iranian-American lobbying shop that is speculated to carry water for IRGC.

“We are not shocked in the least that Senator Murphy stated this because he is directly affiliated with and has been financially supported by the National Iranian American Council (NIAC),” Iranian Americans for Liberty said. “NIAC recently launched a campaign urging the Biden Administration to lift all sanctions in place against the Islamic Republic, remove the IRGC from the FTO list, and reenter the JCPOA with no conditions. One does not need to look far to see how Senator Murphy echoes all of NIAC’s talking points.

The sanctions on the IRGC that had first been imposed by the Trump administration have aided in reducing the group’s financial funding as well as acts of terrorism. According to the Washington Free Beacon, if these sanctions are removed it could increase the chances of the terrorist group making their way into the U.S. And while Murphy does not seem to have any issue with eliminating sanctions on a terrorist group that holds the blame for killing hundreds of Americans, ironically enough, he is quick to place harsh criticism on Republicans for not being strict enough on gun violence, even connecting the GOP to the responsibility of mass shootings.


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