Queer Space

Stiletto Wearing Male Teacher Provides “Queer Space” In Classroom

When the Gay Choir of San Fransisco sang a song in 2020 openly admitting that the gay community was coming after our children, they were not lying. A Stiletto-wearing male teacher has come out on Social media proudly proclaiming his creation of a “queer space” in his classroom.

His social media handle is @justaqueerteacher. He is not hiding his intent to indoctrinate “his children” as he admits he will dress in full drag to teach his High School classes.

The Administration Approves the “Queer Space”

The @justaqueerteacher brags that his administration supports him wearing women’s high-heeled shoes to instruct his classes.

My administration is actually very okay with me wearing heels,” he said. “They’re pretty cool with it. They just think I’m making a safe space for my kids.”

“Most days of the week I come to school in stilettos,” he said. “I get to stand at about six-foot-six.”

Activists for the woke ideologies, especially the LGBTQ community, have made it an all-out campaign to go after the children. Although this particular teacher is in High School classrooms many schools across America have adopted drag queen storytime that introduces children as young as kindergarten to sexual predators.

Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram are full of videos of openly gay, trans, and “gender fluid” teachers talking about sexual orientation and what it is in classrooms with children who are years away from going through puberty.

Past studies have proven that children who are exposed to sexual language, activities, and visuals are prone to be victims of sexual abuse as they will be. confused over boundaries of appropriate behavior, especially when introduced to such. behavior by adults. They are also more prone to be confused over their sexual orientation.

This is happening in taxpayer-funded public schools. Our hard-earned money is being used by our government to harm and abuse our children. If you do not know what your child is being taught in their classroom now is the time to go check it out. Be proactive, ask the teachers what their curriculum is, go see what books they have readily available for your children to read, be at school board meetings. Whether public or private, do not let your guard down.

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