Two Sides of the Same Coin: Yes, and the Coin is Currency from Hell

Nathanael Blake is a senior contributor to The Federalist and has written an extraordinary piece on the connections between abortion and transgender ideologies. Playing off an article recently published in the New York Times, titled “Abortion Rights and Trans Rights Are Two Sides of the Same Coin.” “Yes, and the coin is currency from Hell,” Blake States.

He isn’t wrong in his comparison of the two ideologies. Because both have distinct similarities. When it comes to the disproportionate self-loathing of our bodies the Trans and Pro-Abortion movements take the cake.


The Transgender Side of the Coin

Transgenderism takes self-loathing to a new level. The hatred for one’s own body is at such an epic proportion that one must irrevocably mutilate it to find happiness. But happiness is never truly found.  The transgender population tends to have higher suicide rates post-surgery.

Christians understand the reason behind this better than most. We live in a lost and unnatural world according to God’s design. Broken, we are seeking the fellowship and connection for which we are designed. But due to sin, we don’t have. We blame other things, like our bodies, for not feeling whole and complete. When in all actuality it is our spiritual selves that seek fulfillment in the presence of God.

Adding to this inner struggle are real worldly situations. In the past, studies have proven that those diagnosed with transgenderism are much more likely to have been sexually abused as children. Unable to process such abuse the brain tries to protect itself causing disassociation with what is perceived to have brought on the abuse: their bodies.

I say in the past because in 2020 – 2021 there has been a significant increase in cases of juveniles claiming transgenderism. While some may actually be having disassociation with their natural sex, many may be due to the attention given to the subject. One cause may be adults in their lives encouraging ideologies that those so young cannot comprehend.

The Abortion Side of the Coin

Abortion is also a willful revolt against biology. As Blake states, “This ideology argues that women cannot be free and equal members of the human race unless they are able to control their reproduction, including through the use of abortion.”

The difference between Abortion and transgenderism is that abortion inflicts judgment upon another human being. The woman does not kill herself in her war against her own body but instead ends the life of her baby.

Yes, Abortion and Transgenderism are two sides to the same ideology. They are both rebellions against the natural order of God’s design and both do far more harm than good to all those affected by the decisions such ideologies push.

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