Fox News Cuts Trump Press Conference, Snubs Republican Base Once Again

Faux News once again proved how unfair and imbalanced they are. They falsely cater to their loyal base of conservative viewers using Trump as bait. Then, when things get interesting, they pull the plug faster than CNN. By continuing to censor Once and Future President Donald Trump, all the network propaganda mills proved that every word he said about media oppression was totally true. Only Newsmax TV dared to broadcast his entire press conference start to finish.

News networks on notice

All of the liberal news networks are on notice that conservatives won’t stand for censorship and cancel culture any longer. Newsmax is grabbing a lot of market-share from conservatives who tune in to them instead of Faux.

They deserve that reward for daring to broadcast what the leader of the deplorable government-in-exile has to say. While CNN and MSNBC pretended it didn’t even happen, Newsmax showed it all. Faux cut away early and it cut their throat with viewers.


The purpose of Donald Trump’s news conference from the seat of government in Florida is the class action lawsuit which his lawyers just filed against all the social-media megaliths.

Faux covered the part about the civil suit but as soon as Trump started talking about the election, the Capitol riot, and the things lurking in Hunter Biden’s laptop, they had enough and cut to something else quick, before a moderate RINO viewer got triggered.

Not only did Newsmax show the whole thing, they invited the deplorable in chief back for an in depth news interview about the class action suit.

As Trump explained, the complaint names all three major “tech giants and their respective CEOs, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and Sundar Pichai.” Their corporate behavior is responsible for “blatant violations of the constitution.”

Head of the class

All three major platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Google, kicked Trump out so hard he bounced. That’s what makes the former and future president the obvious choice for “lead plaintiff” in the class action.

He will be representing a broader group of people who “have had their First Amendment rights violated.” All the news networks “began cutting away from Mr Trump, or completely ignoring him, following his [alleged] election loss to Joe Biden on 3 November last year.”

The big three news channels from back in the dim and distant broadcast days, ABC, CBS and NBC, all started out covering Trump’s White House address to the nation until he said the election was stolen, then they all cut to another feed.

The November 5 broadcast went out to CNN viewers but Anderson Cooper assassinated it on his own show later, calling Trump an “obese turtle on his back, flailing in the hot sun realizing his time was over.”

Liberal news producers aren’t about to devote valuable airtime to Trump accusing them of not covering “what’s going on,” including all the “violence and people being killed” on a nightly basis “in Democrat-run cities.”

They may think they’re helping Biden but what they’re really doing is hurting the country. “If the people don’t hear this you’ll never be able to solve the problem.”


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