Biden’s Lies Are Exposed

During this past Sunday, Fox News published an exclusive interview they held with a group of recently laid-off keystone pipeline workers who voiced a great deal of criticism against the policies Biden has put in place.

The ex-keystone workers expressed being incredibly furious with the terrible policy decisions Biden has made, not to mention the lies he has been making up regarding the current decimated state of the U.S.’ energy production.

This group of gentlemen effectively just told Biden “to go frack himself.”

The former employees explained that the current situation has everything to do with Biden’s focus on green energy, rather than pointing the finger at Putin. This intense focus has made him decide to shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline without considering the possibly of major consequences which we are experiencing first hand.

Those individuals in the know are fully aware that the inflation crisis started the day the Brandon administration took over. However, as the energy crisis has worsened, Biden has pathetically used Putin as his scapegoat.

During the Fox News interview, one of the workers was questioned on whether Putin was responsible for the skyrocketing gas and energy prices.

“Absolutely not,” the worker replied.

According to one of the former Keystone employees, as a result of Biden’s poor decision to remain reliant on foreign oil, America has only begun to suffer the price today.

We should be able to sustain ourselves and not depend on other nations raising their price and then affect us. That shouldn’t even be in the question,” one worker told Fox News.

The former employee went further in-depth to explain that the solution to the soaring gas prices is fairly simple, similar to what was done under Trump administration, opening the American Oil sector again will also solve more than just gas prices because more production would have an impact on everything that is transported, adding:

Put us to work right now. And you will see not only the fuel prices go down, but you will see the price of everything else go down with it.

He’s [Biden’s] pushing for solar and wind power, but it’s been proven over and over, that’s just not as efficient as burning natural gas, refining crude.

“We are sick of hearing, ‘this is Putin’s price hike,” one worker added.

Another follow-up question was asked by the Fox News reporter in which they addressed the Biden administration’s other ridiculous claim, where Psaki and Biden have pointed to the 9,000 unused oil drilling permits that have been granted to energy companies.

Unsurprisingly, this claim was also debunked by the pipeline workers.

She’s [Jen Psaki’s] lying to the American people. There’s 9000 permits that were pulled. They might not even have oil under the ground that they got the permit for.

So why would the oil company go and drill on that ground there may not even be oil there—let alone waste your damn money because they can’t run a pipeline to transport the oil and gas off the well?

Source: TheGatewayPundit,


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