Free Thought

How Can We Fight Against the Death of Free Thought ?

There is danger in free thought. To have the ability to think freely one must think critically, must be willing to face views that differ from ones one, and must have the ability to listen even when one disagrees. Our society once elevated free thought, but now it destroys it.

One example of many is that of Jonathan Bradley. A student from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, Bradley wrote for a student-run newspaper called The Eyeopener.


Bradley is also a Catholic. As an opinion writer, he often expressed his faith in his writing. In our new Leftist society, this did not bode well for him.

Last June Bradley was fired from the paper. In an email, the Editor-in-chief of the paper informed him that his Catholic views on sexuality meant that he could no longer write for the paper.

Death to Free Thought

The Daily Wire was able to obtain a copy of this email. Catharine Abes, the editor-in-Chief of The Eyeopener, wrote e to Bradley, “Recently, The Eyeopener’s Twitter was tagged in a thread involving screenshots of a conversation in which you defended the notion that homosexuality as well as being transgender is considered a sin.”

“I fear that since you’ve made your opinion public, members of our community, especially queer, trans, and non-binary folks, would no longer feel safe if you are associated with the publication,” She continued.

Bradley has since sued the paper for alleged discrimination, filing a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. Recently the paper and Bradley have come to a settlement agreement.

“My human rights complaint against the Eyeopener has been settled to mutual satisfaction,” Bradley posted to Twitter. “The Eyeopener has issued a letter of regret about this ordeal. I have no further comment.”

Bradley had faced previous discrimination from The Eyeopener due to his writing for other publications. It was not that he wrote that caused the issues but what he wrote.

What Does It All Mean?

The Eyeopener is not the only publication that is suppressing speech. We see it in our News Media, book publishing houses, and internet publications across the western world. If the thought expressed does not conform to the Leftist narrative it must be destroyed.

It can not simply be deleted but made into a public execution. This is so that anyone with a thought that is different from the Left will squelch it. This tactic is geared so that free thinkers will become silent and the voices of those who regurgitate the narrative become the only voices heard.

This is not just the destruction of freedom of speech but of the very thoughts within your mind. It is done because the Left is afraid. They know that if society thought for itself people would see the truth of the Leftist ideal. They are evil, insidious, and weak ideas that only benefit those in power. The people who they claim to help by these ideal are only damaged more.

It is up to free thinkers to continue to stand and speak up. We cannot remain silent. Evil is allowed to roam free only because the good stay silent

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