Circle Back Queen Jen Psaki Hurls Hypocrisy Gay Bomb At US Senator

Every day it seems like we’re living in Seinfeld’s bizarro world. The ‘champions’ of gay rights and equality are now hurling hate filled tweets at Senator Lindsey Graham. Raggedy Ann, better known as the circle back queen Jen Psaki, spewed venom at Graham in August of 2020. The Left have welcomed her with open arms as Press Secretary to bring back dignity to the Press podium. Psaki, along with every Democrat, are legends for hypocrisy.

Liberal Democrat Hypocrisy

Jen Psaki is a page thumbing, mind numbing, complete and utter disaster. Her fuel for hate against all gay rights was on open and full display for hypocrisy. Psaki tweeted on August 5, 2020:

News of this hypocrisy was spread fast. Jen Psaki was phoned by Jack Dorsey, Fact Checker & Chief at Twitter. She was reprimanded badly for her gay bashing tweet. Not really. She is a Democrat and they can gay bash, slander, incite violence and do whatever they want with no recourse.

Sleepy Joe signed an executive order on January 21st. The executive order is about all Americans coming together. It is to prevent and combat the hate of gender identity or sexual orientation. Jen Psaki should read it.

If you’re a liberal Democrat like Psaki, you can do and say whatever you want. You can be hateful, incite violence and gay bash. After all, the main stream media will shield you from outrage and you’ll be rewarded later.


Psaki Learned From The Best

Jen Psaki did not just become the circle back queen of hypocrisy and hateful rhetoric by chance. No, she has learned from the very best of the hypocrite liberals. Let’s take a look at how Psaki became so damn good at mirroring her mentors.

Barack Obama: Obama joked about rubbing out his opponents ‘The Chicago Way’. He said, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” while in Philadelphia in 2008. This was an example of subtle hypocrisy. The White House security should be checking Psaki for weapons upon entering to circle back later.

Eric Holder: After the infamous speech by Michelle Obama including “When they go low, we go high.”, Eric Holder obviously disagreed and championed hypocrisy. “No, no,” Holder says. “When they go low, we kick ’em. That’s what this new Democratic Party is about.” Psaki aimed that advice squarely at Lindsey Graham.

Hillary Clinton: The pant suit queen of the World told Democrats to “RESIST” and to “stay engaged” through activism. She praised the people who were ‘peacefully protesting’ and burning down buildings. Hypocrisy runs deep in the veins of vile Democrats.

“Let resistance plus persistence equal progress for our party and for our Country.” Hillary barked. At the end, she also invoked nationwide insurrection by shouting “Keep fighting!”. Jen Psaki was taking notes on hypocrisy and buying Hillary inspired pant suits on Amazon in no time.

The fact is, Jen Psaki is highly overrated and under qualified to be Press Secretary. However, Psaki has thrown some shade in a derogatory way at a Republican, so the Democrats will praise her. Hypocrisy is king, or queen, or “whatever you know the thing, man”, when you’re a Democrat.

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