Biden Hints at Totalitarian Authority, Drones to Fly Overhead With Facial Recognition and Thermo Sensors

The Biden Administration is taking a seriously totalitarian turn outlining a plan to “modernize” our Immigration system, with drones, facial recognition, ant thermal technology at the border. Candice Bernd, who writes for Truthout reported,

“Biden’s legislative proposal would deploy even more technology to the border, accelerating the creation of a “smart” wall powered by biometric data, artificial intelligence, facial recognition, aerial drones, infrared cameras, motion sensors and radar… Congress has already appropriated $28 million to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to construct 30 additional “Autonomous Surveillance Towers” used for round-the-clock automated surveillance operations that identify people and vehicles at the border. “

Funding that was previously set aside for the physical wall began by President Trump, to the tune of $2 Billion is likely to be re-routed to this so-called “virtual security technology”, which is looking more and more like the early phases of a dystopian surveillance state like one would see in Communist China.


According to the Fact Sheet release for the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021, “It authorizes the DHS Secretary to develop and implement a strategy to manage and secure the southern border between ports of entry that focuses on flexible solutions and technologies that expand the ability to detect illicit activity, evaluate the effectiveness of border security operations, and be easily relocated and broken out by Border Patrol Sector.” Oh, but don’t worry about all that advanced technology they’ll be throwing around  “To protect privacy, the DHS Inspector General is authorized to conduct oversight to ensure that employed technology effectively serves legitimate agency purposes.”

How Will Totalitarian Biden Pervert Trump’s Legacy

Earlier this year, a story in The Intercept told of a new Border Patrol contract that would employ new Anduril surveillance technology with the Google Cloud and new AI deployed by the CBP Innovation team under the Trump administration. Anduril was rewarded the $250 million contract with “$35 million for the project was disbursed in September by the Air and Marine division, which also operates drones.” to operate in concert with construction of the border wall. Now it seems this technology could be expanded upon and turned against the American people.

With the return of the same politicians that allowed the NSA’s surveillance to run rampant and built a truly epic facility in the Utah desert to sift through hundreds of millions of cell phone data streams, it seems unlikely that surveillance of this degree will stay confined to the border. As calls echo throughout the halls of Congress for tougher laws and broadened definitions which fit the left’s narrative of what “domestic terrorism” is (ie. You. If you’re a Trump supporter, they’re talking about you.) it seems only inevitable that the unholy alliance of Silicon Valley and the Progressive-Socialist left that put the Biden regime in power, will do all they can to keep it there.

COVID19 will likely be the excuse with Palantir’s COVID tracker system already in place. Despite calls for Biden to dismantle the system due to Peter Theil’s support of Trump, it seems only likely that it will be expanded upon by Biden, ever the opportunist. The shortest route to a totalitarian state is fear. Fear of COVID19 wasn’t enough, but now Biden has a new bogey-man: Us.

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  1. The author doesn’t state why the fear over tyranny. Is it that he fears the BORDER SURVEILLANCE technology will be used elsewhere against American citizens ILLEGALLY? I admit, it’s a real possibility, but I wish the author would state his objections succinctly.

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