From Portland to DC, Ferguson to the Capitol Building. Watch the Narrative Change

In the wake of the Capitol siege of January 6th and the uniform scorn and outrage that the media and left feign,  many on the right are asking: Where were you this summer? From Portland to Washington, DC and from the streets of Ferguson to the halls of Congress: watch the difference in the narrative.

In the summer the were “Mostly Peaceful Protests” in Kenosha, yesterday it was “treason” and “terrorism” in Washington. The narrative is playing out in real-time all over Twitter and the mainstream media. It’s becoming pretty clear that the actions taken in Washington, D.C. are playing directly into the hands of the left. It was a Trap.

In response to the “Summer of Rage 2020” and BLM/Antifa burning seven American cities Vicky Osterweil penned “In Defense of Looting” and CNN’s Chris Cuomo was quoted as asking  “Show me where it says protestors have to be peaceful?”( to wit this was perfectly answered by Tiktok user “Justsomedude187” now immortalized as “The Ramen Guy”) This seems to have been a clearly apologist effort to grant a moral standard to BLM and Antifa rioters. However, with Trump supporters taking similar though, patently less destructive actions: the trap is sprung. The left is saying quite clearly that there is ‘Defense of looting’ for me, but not for thee.

BLM, Antifa & MSM Pushing The Idea That Police Were “Gentle” to Protestors

Multiple media outlets are publishing almost BLM and Antifa pre-written stories where they spread the false narrative that the police were using kid-gloves or being gentle and accommodating to protestors as they cleared the Capitol complex. The probably didn’t see the RSBN footage of protestors being hit with Tear gas, rubber bullets and flashbang grenades.

And most shamefully at all, rather than drawing comparisons to other protestors and/or rioters gunned down by police, the twitter-ati can only come up with the foulest most dishonorable things to say about Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed, 14-year US AirForce veteran from California who was tragically shot and killed by Capitol police.


We are seeing the next step in the ongoing “Fifth Generation war” between the right and left, a battle of perception and propaganda the  cultural and moral war, to distort the perception of the American people and warp our worldview forever. In that ongoing conflict, yesterday was a significant setback. But we must not allow the left to control the narrative, the most potent weapon is truth.

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