Pompeo Makes This Declaration in a History-Making Speech

The United States needs to recognize Taiwan ” as a free and sovereign country,” immediately the Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared in a history-making speech while he visited the Asian nation that China continues to regard as a “rogue province”.

As Russia continues its efforts to annex Ukraine–and with Taiwan viewed by billions as the next hotspot likely to ignite in the struggle against a rising anti-U.S. bloc that includes China and Russia– the Biden administration can send out a stern warning to the ruling Chinese Communist Party by recognizing Taiwan’s independence.

“It is my view that the U.S. government should immediately take necessary, and long-overdue, steps to do the right and obvious thing, that is to offer the Republic of China (Taiwan) America’s diplomatic recognition as a free and sovereign country,” Pompeo stated in a speech to the Prospect Foundation, a nonpartisan think tank based in Taiwan.

“This is not about Taiwan’s future independence, it is about recognizing an unmistakable, already existent reality,” said Pompeo, whom many view as a potential Republican presidential candidate in 2024. “That reality is, as many of your past and present leaders have made clear, there is no need for Taiwan to declare independence because it’s already an independent country: Its name is the Republic of China (Taiwan). The people and government of the United States should simply recognize this political, diplomatic, and sovereignty reality. The Taiwanese people deserve the world’s respect for a free, democratic, and sovereign country.”

“While the United States should continue to engage with the People’s Republic of China as a sovereign government, America’s diplomatic recognition of the 23 million freedom-loving Taiwanese people and its legal, democratically-elected government can no longer be ignored, avoided, or treated as secondary,” Pompeo said.

CCP Angered By Pompeo’s Call For Taiwan Independence

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin excoriated Pompeo for his remarks, “Pompeo is a former politician whose credibility has long gone bankrupt. Such a person’s babbling nonsense will have no success,”

According to Reuters, Mr. Pompeo had some choice words for Beijing and was quick to compare their takeover of Hong Kong to their designs for Taiwan.

“Pompeo said after Beijing’s “brutally successful takeover of Hong Kong,” Chinese President Xi Jinping feels more powerful and “won’t be satisfied stopping at Hong Kong”.

“Taking over Taiwan, a necessary mission, is not only to boost Xi’s egomaniacal claim of greatness, but indeed to solidify it,” Pompeo said.


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