Biblical Discovery

Researchers Make 2000 Year Old Biblical Discovery Connected to the Life of Jesus and His Apostles

The hit show “The Chosen” has brought new interest to the life of Jesus and those around him. How did they live? Where did they worship? Researchers near the Sea of Galilee may have some answers for us as they make a 2000-year-old Biblical Discovery.

The Biblical Discovery of a Lifetime

The Jerusalem Post reports that Archeologists have found the ruins of an ancient Synagogue in Migdal. The ancient city located on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee is the supposed birthplace, and home town, or Mary Magdalene.


In a statement about the discovery, Archeologist at the University of Haifa, and co-director of the dig, Dina Avshalom-Gorni had this to say, “[ The discovery] casts light on the social and religious lives of the Jews in the area in this period, and reflects a need for a dedicated building for Torah reading and study and for social gatherings.”

She continued, “We can imagine Mary Magdalene and her family coming to the synagogue here, along with other residents of Migdal, to participate in religious and communal events.”

The Times of Israel described the temple’s construction in their reporting of the find: “Constructed out of volcanic basalt, limestone and plaster, the synagogue consisted of a main hall and two other rooms. One of the smaller rooms housed a stone shelf that may have held Torah scrolls. Six pillars held up the roof, and some of the white plaster walls were decorated with colorful designs. The site also contained pottery candle holders, molded glass bowls, rings and stone utensils used for purification rituals.

This will be the second Synagogue found in the area. Both of which are believed to be dated to the Second Temple Period in Biblical History, roughly 516 B.C.E. to 70 C.E. Due to artwork found inscribed upon the walls researchers believe the synagogues were built when Jerusalem’s Temple was still standing.

This discovery is significant to Jewish history and allows a glimpse into the lives of Jesus and the apostles, who through Biblical reports traversed the areas around the Sea of Galilee.

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