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Christian School Underattack for Upholding Biblical Values

The LGBTQ+ activists have made no secret of their desire to come after the children. Under the guise of inclusion and diversity they have taken over children’s cartoons, library storytimes, and the very classrooms we send them to day after day. One Christian school has had enough.

Briarcrest is a nationally-renowned private Christian school in Memphis, TN that is dedicated to teaching its students and parents the truths of the bible.

Christian School Steps Up to the Fight

Briarcrest is now facing attacks from LGBTQ activists as well as a radical county commissioner for holding a seminar to teach parents and children alike how to respond biblically to the woke gender ideologies of our culture today. This training session was titled, “God Made Them Male and Female. And It Was Good. A Gospel Response to Culture’s Gender Theory.”

Briarcrest claimed their training session would be an “enlightening look into the craziness our culture is throwing at our kids and leave equipped with a gospel response to share with them.”

The school’s promotional materials stated, “When Superman is rewritten to be a homosexual, when parents allow children to choose their genders, and some schools are embracing students for being courageous by ‘coming out’ and considering transitioning…how do you respond biblically.”

The LGBTQ Activists are Ready to Fight

LGBT activist Dylan Sandifer accused the school of promoting bigotry in an interview with Local News station WREG. “I understand that as a private school they can teach anything that they want, but that doesn’t mean that it’s right,” He said in the interview. “I’m more concerned with LGBTQ students who are going to the recipients of hatred and rejection by the adults they look up to as authority figures, their parents, and their teachers as well their peers who are getting those ideas from their authority figures.”

Sandifer was not the only one offended. “There has to be a reckoning with these institutions on the oppression they uphold and the gates they keep,” Shelby Commissioner Tami Sawyer posted on her Twitter feed.

Briarcrest, however, has committed to stand firm on the gospel. In a statement to KWAM NewsTalk 107.9 FM the school committed to teaching “students about all aspects of biblical truth, including biblical sexuality.’

“Briarcrest is a Christian School that teaches and upholds the biblical principles found in scripture. We affirm our unity in Christ and that we are all created equal in God’s eyes. We will continue to strive to teach our students what is true and just in light of God’s word. We love people enough to tell them the truth about biblical sexuality. We have a responsibility to teach students about all aspects of biblical truth, including biblical sexuality. In addition, we strive to support parents in their efforts to raise biblically literate children who learn to defend their beliefs with gentleness and respect. Furthermore, as our culture attempts to silence biblical truth, we will proclaim the hope of the Gospel.”

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