Superman Goes Woke in Attack Against Our Children

Anyone over the age of 25 can still remember a childhood where Social Media didn’t rule our lives, Comic Books, such as Superman, were good entertainment and the innocence of Saturday morning cartoons. Even if Cartoon Network slipped an adult joke in from time to time we were all too innocent to catch it.

Entertainment has radically changed in the last 20 years. The Left knows that school is not the only way to indoctrinate our children. Cartoons, toys, and superheroes are just as effective in shaping young minds. But, they don’t create their own characters or start their own companies, like the parasites they are, they leach onto what already exists.

Death To Superman

In the new retelling of Superman in the DC Universe, the clean-cut, raised in the midwest, traditional belief holding Super Hero is now an LBTQ+ activist. His son Jon Kent is now the leading Superman figure and a BIsexual at that. His love interest, the moody florescent haired reporter Jay Nakamura.

DC has redefined the Superman legacy to appeal to the rising woke generation The Left wants to make of our children. Rumored is that Henry Cavill, a new favorite in the role of Superman, has walked away from the part due to the Studio pushing for him to play a more bisexual or “fluid” character.

Parents Look Out

Superman is not the only thing parents have to worry about. Companies like Disney, Lego’s, and Cartoon Network have bent the knee to The Left’s ideology. Disney has cartoons now that highlight the LGBTQ lifestyle, Lego’s has come out with its first gender-fluid LGBTQ+ set, and one of the most woke shows in history plays continuously on Cartoon Network.

“Steve the Universe” is a vastly popular cartoon that has taught children about sexuality, CRT, and the evils of capitalism, all with bright colors and a kid-friendly appearance.

Don’t worry, Barbie hasn’t missed out on this trend either. The incredible woman, with many jobs, now thinks teaching your child about white privilege and the BLM movement is the right thing to do.

Now, more than ever, parents need to be wary of what their children watch and read. We must be willing and active participants in our children’s education. Knowing what type of books are on the school’s bookshelves, what entertainment they watch, and what exactly is the curriculum your child is learning.

Do not let this administration scare or threaten you with the calling of concerned parents as domestic terrorists. Parents’ you are the number one, besides God himself, authority in your child’s life. You do not parent with the government, and you certainly do not share custody of your child with the Left.

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