Pastor Appeals to ‘Wokeism’ During Congress’ Opening Prayer

United Methodists Pastor Emanuel Cleaver prayed at the opening of the 117th Congress. The prayer seemed to be going along quite uneventfully, if tinged with wokeish phrases and vague references. But then, he ended the prayer in what was either an awkward joke or a failed attempt at wokeism. He prayed “amen and awomen”. 

You would think that a full time pastor by vocation would have a basic understanding of commonly used etymology, but you might be wrong. It’s no wonder that more Republicans seem to be resigning when even the opening prayer of Congress is a weapon of political correctness.

While it’s possible that he could have made an ill timed joke, the more likely scenario is that he was attempting to be inclusive.


Is ‘Wokeism’ the New Faith?

This would follow suit with the rest of his prayer, considering he went out of his way to verbalize that he was praying to a God that “goes by many names”.

Apparently, he thought women might feel they were being left out if he ended his prayer with “amen”. 

While there are many instances throughout the Bible where the masculine form of a word is meant to include all people, the word “amen” is not one of these instances. 

As Ben Shapiro pointed out, the word “amen” has exactly nothing to do with gender. The best Hebrew to English translation of that word means “May it be so”. It can also be translated “so be it” but never has it referred to men. 

If the word had something to do with gender, it would be a strange and grammatically incorrect way to end a prayer. 

And anyway, in his attempt to invoke woke lingo, he forgot that in the leftist alternative reality, there are not two biological genders. While he attempted to be inclusive to women, he forgot there isn’t supposed to be any such thing as a woman. 

Whether he was making a joke or trying his hand at the speaking woke, he failed miserably. It was far from funny and made no sense. 

He also prayed that we would all control our tribal instincts. It’s not clear exactly what he meant by that, but Pastor Cleaver is apparently accustomed to shepherding a congregation wherein the people find it difficult to suppress their ‘tribal instincts’, feel offended at the word “amen” or laugh at terrible jokes.

  1. Well it is the Methodist church. And the Methodist church in recent years went through a split. It’s hard to discern factions from one another, but his faction must be the very liberal one that true Christians felt wasn’t going to work for them any longer. I think this faction ended up with all the money as well. So it’s a very good example of light dividing itself from darkness. And many people still walk in darkness. Many in the Capital building. There is a fight between light and darkness like other tumultuous times in our Nation. Our Nation was actually formed by one of these struggles. Those with truth must continue to have the freedom to speak and share and act on the truth of God. These are hard times, take time today to repent, pray and bless the Lord and ask Him to show Himself to all. If these others want to ask their goddess to show up, then so be it, let’s watch what happens.

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