What We Can Learn From the WWI Christmas Truce

The days had been grey and cold on the western front. The air echoed with the blasts of mortars and the staccato beat of gunfire. But now as Christmas eve approached the trenches had grown silent. No movement or sound penetrated the cold stillness of the battlefield.

The British and German soldiers hunkered down in their fox holes. They Celebrated the Birth of Christ as best they could; far from home, cold and hungry, grieving those already lost, wondering who will be gone tomorrow.

Then a single voice pierced the night and a miracle began. No one is quite sure which side started the Christmas carols but soon both German and British voices filled the air with joyous song. The power of which morphed a battlefield into a play yard.

Men who were supposed to see enemies instead met friends. A game of soccer began, gifts were exchanged, music and food were shared. For one day the war ended on the Western Front and peace on earth seemed possible.

What We Can Learn From the Christmas Truce

It is hard to imagine in America, as tempers run high and politics reign supreme, that peace can be had with our enemies. But that is just what can happen if we take a brief moment to stop seeing our friends, siblings, cousins, parents, or aunts and uncles as the enemy.

Our Christmas tables should not be isolated just because of political views but instead, bring to life a small bit of peace. we can find in this ever-darkening world. It is a time where we remember that the greatest gift came with the greatest of sacrifices and that gift, Jesus Christ, came to save the world and not to condemn it (John 3:17).

By understanding that simple truth we can better open our eyes see the people sitting across from us as just that, people. They are not enemies but people with their hopes and fears, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. Just like you and me.

Instead of battling out our political wars amongst the mortars of turkey legs and bullets of mash potatoes let us instead come to the table in the mindset of the Christmas Truce. Let us get to know our enemy and see them instead as the family member or friend that they truly are.

The battle will wage on tomorrow but i promise you that both sides will have a far different perspective and less will to fight each other once a taste of peace and joy are had.

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