Huge Mike Lindell Announcement

MyPillow, Inc. is striking back against Dominion Voting Systems and continuing the struggle for the United States. The nationally renowned bedding seller headed by Mr. Mike Lindell is suing Dominion for a sum of $1.6 Billion, a counter-suit following Dominion’s suit against the company and Lindell personally for defamation. This is an incredibly shrewd move as it will FORCE the courts to finally adjudicate Lindell’s claims on the highly irregular 2020 Election and address the truthfullness of Lindell’s expose’ Absolute Truth.

It doesn’t hurt that this countersuit also coincides with the launch of the new FrankSpeech social networking platform Lindell has been working on, which makes his docuementation of electoral fraud and irregularities readily available to the public to judge themselves in a format silicon valley can’t crush.

According to the Wallstreet Journal,

“the privately held company said it is suing to protect freedom of speech and to rectify the injury the company said it has suffered from Dominion’s own legal campaign, which the complaint said included losing business and harassment and death threats against employees.”

The Insanely Complex But Ingenius Legal Theory

Author’s Note: I’m still not a lawyer, this reflects my understanding of defamation law as a writer.

In a double-whammy for Lindell, he and MyPillow have now put Dominion in the unenviable position of having to prove that Lindell made his claims “knowingly” realizing that they were false or “negligently”: “failing to ascertain whether the statement was true or false before making it.”

Mr. Lindell, his witnesses and counsel unabashedly believe that their claims are true and have publicly, vociferously said so for months now. The sheer size of their body of work, the time and money spent in developing the Absolute Truth series, the affidavits and hearings by their mere existence and production quality show that Lindell and his team went to great lengths to establish the truthfulness of their claims so negligence is completely out the window.

Therefore, Dominion’s only option is to prove that Lindell and MyPillow KNEW their claims were false, which is almost impossible. Meanwhile, Lindell and his team have to prove that either Dominion KNEW that their claims about Lindell and MyPillow were false (which is hard to prove), or were negligent, which is much easier because Dominion will have to provide all the research they did to prove Lindell’s claims were false. Either way, Dominion has a much tougher burden of proof and ALL of the facts will have to come out. explains:

“The major defenses to defamation are:

  • truth
  • the allegedly defamatory statement was merely a statement of opinion
  • consent to the publication of the allegedly defamatory statement
  • absolute privilege
  • qualified privilege
  • retraction of the allegedly defamatory statement.”

If the person defamed was a private person, in most states, the person making the defamatory statement can only be held liable for defamation if he/she:

  • knew that the statement was false and defamatory, or
  • acted with reckless disregard of the truth or falsity of the statement in making the statement, or
  • acted negligently in failing to ascertain whether the statement was true or false before making it.

A Fragile Hope

This new development represents a hope to exhausted Patriots that in the very least the case of the corrupted 2020 Election may finally have its day in court. But that hope is a very fragile thing, and anything can happen in this high-stakes, winner take-all legal battle. In a legal system where the Supreme Court of the United States refused to hear the most pivotal case of the century, nothing is certain.


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