Viral Video Shows the Compassion of Ukrainian Civilians

A popular video caught the moment a group of compassionate Ukrainian civilians was found caring for a weeping Russian soldier.

The soldier, whose identity remains unknown at that time of this reporting, appears to be a very young man.

What’s Really Happening To Russians Captured By Ukrainian Forces?

Online video footage secured by Wall Street Journal reporter Matthew Luxmoore presented the unnamed soldier hungrily drinking and eating what seemed to be a pastry as well as herbal tea while a youthful Ukrainian girl phones the boy’s mother via video chat, Insider showed.

The soldier could be observed becoming mental, and at one point, his mother can be listened to stating, “Everything is fine, son. Everything is fine.”

The young soldier appears overwhelmed with emotion and also is actually unable to speak beginning to cry at one point during the course call.

An off-camera man can after that be actually heard in Ukrainian reportedly saying to the woman, whose title is actually seemingly Natasha, “They give away their children as cannon fodder. They don’t know where they are going, they just wander around. Rise, woman! You must all rise up and get Crimea up on your feet! Get people up on your feet! You see your son is alive, nothing bad will happen to him.”

The young woman standing with the soldier may after could be heard saying to mother on the phone, “OK, Natasha, good luck, may God be with you. Everything is fine. Say goodbye … They will get into contact with you, Natasha. He is safe and sound. They will get in touch with you later.”

The youthful soldier may at that point be actually seen blowing an embrace to his mama while choking up.

Luxmoore discussed the video recording to Twitter, captioning it, “Video shared on Ukrainian channels of a captured Russian soldier apparently being fed by locals. The post says he burst into tears when he was allowed to video-call his mother. So many of these troops are just teenagers, with absolutely no clue what this war is really for.”

One thing is frighteningly evident here as it has been in many other wars: the young men and women fighting for Russia, seem to have no idea why they’re truly there.

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