Here’s An Example of Youtube Condoning Cancel Culture…

YouTube briefly suspended The Hill’s Channel– according to Robby Soave,  both a co-host on The Hill’s “Rising” program and a senior editor at Reason, The Hill‘s YouTube account has been put on hold for seven days.

“Last night, we learned that YouTube had suspended The Hill’s entire account for the next seven days, preventing us from publishing new videos. The reason was election misinformation, stemming from two previous videos. The first video in question, which was not aired as part of Rising, was raw footage of Trump’s speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on February 26, during which he made false claims about the election,” Soave wrote.

YouTube Has Zero Tolerance For Trump

Soave showed that the other video was a segment from “Rising” that broadcast clips of former President Donald Trump being interviewed by Fox News host Laura Ingraham, including a part where Trump asserted that there had been a “rigged election.”

While Soave and co-host Ryan Grim did not seek to rebut Trump’s claim, Soave wrote that, “No one who has watched Rising, read my work at Reason, or read Grim’s work at The Intercept, could possibly come away with the impression that either of us thinks the 2020 election was rigged. We have criticized that false claim, both on the show and in our respective publications.”

YouTube’s policies prohibit “Content that advances false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches changed the outcome of select past national elections, after final election results are officially certified.”

“We may allow content that violates the election integrity policy noted on this page if the content includes additional context in the video, audio, title, or description,” YouTube also notes.

“I understood that the platform would punish content creators who made false statements about the election. I had no idea that YouTube would punish news channels for reporting the news,” Soave wrote.

The suspension is a notable instance of what appears to be a cancel-culture ‘friendly-fire’. And situations like these can only serve to reinforce the notion that, if there was no truth to President Trump’s claims? Why are they working so hard to bury them, that they’ll even take out a channel that agress with them?

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