Breaking: Republican Candidate for Lt. Governor Assaulted by Security [Disturbing Video]

Republican Mack Miller, Army Veteran and candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Nevada, was assaulted by security while violently dragged from a public Commissioners Meeting in Clark County. All for having the audacity to support freedom of speech. They threw him through a metal detector over it and the whole disturbing episode was caught on video.

A candidate who fights for freedom

The disturbing incident happened Tuesday, September 21, in Las Vegas, where the candidate captured cell phone footage which instantly went viral.

It’s clear evidence that the Ministry of Propaganda doesn’t like the masses voicing their views on hot-button issues, especially when they disagree with the official version. After initially documenting the shoving match started by security, his camera keeps rolling.


The riot started when the county commissioners “declared in a 5-2 decision that spreading COVID-19 misinformation is a public health crisis.” Questioning the Ministry of Health is now “verboten” it seems. When the crowd heard that, they became vocal in their opposition and quickly regretted leaving their pitchforks and torches at home.

They grumbled on peacefully without them until security panicked and started getting physical. Miller boldly took the role of speaking for the gathered citizens as a candidate is duty bound to do. He was instantly attacked. Not verbally, but physically. Disagreement with words is “debate.” Doing it with force is assault and battery.

The crowd began chanting about First Amendment rights and free speech. They didn’t like the idea of “pushing only one side of the agenda” one bit. The video has lots of evidence that the uniforms started pushing physically, instead of with their agenda.

First, by shoving a female observer. In the process of physically throwing the conservative candidate out of the meeting, jack-booted security hustled him through a metal detector, causing it to nearly collapse on top of him. Witnesses are calling that assault.

Another angle

A separate video filmed by another concerned citizen shows Miller “being manhandled out of the meeting, before crashing into a metal detector which is lifted off the floor by the weight of the impact.”

The candidate struck “the device with so much force, it knocked it over. Several guards had to catch the device before it crashed on top of them.” as Miller hit the floor.

Obviously injured, “Miller stays on the ground for several minutes.” Security guards are seen surrounding the fallen candidate as several onlookers ask if he’s alright. No. He’s not alright.


While the guards discuss the repercussions of calling him an ambulance, “Miller can be seen rolling side to side as he appeared to be in pain.” The concerned citizen behind the camera deserves a medal for his comment, “You guys need to put yourself under arrest.”

The first video, Miller is on record “accusing a security guard wearing a tan uniform of shoving him while a group of people yelled behind him.” The video confirms Miller saying: “Don’t push me, man.”

Instead of listening to the citizen’s views in opposition to their public policy, which is what purpose of the meeting was in the first place, the “Clark County Commissioners Office shut down the meeting and were telling people to leave.” The candidate tried to stand his ground and was forcibly ejected and assaulted in the process.

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