The Censoring Saga Continues

As the censoring saga continues and the conservative purge rages on, they came for the My Pillow guy.  Mike Lindell, known for his support of President Trump has been permanently suspended from twitter. A statement from Twitter read,

“Twitter Inc has permanently suspended the account of My Pillow chief Mike Lindell for repeated violations of the company’s policy on election misinformation, the social media firm said late on Monday,” they wrote in a statement.

Typical of the conservative purge, the social media company has made no comment as to what specific tweets or quotes were in violation of their policies as they suspended Lindell alongside tens of thousands of conservatives on the platform since the 2020 Presidential Election.

Lindell Speaks Out against Censoring and “Hired Hit Groups”


Lindell joined Stew Peters on Patriotically Correct Radio to discuss his controversial meeting with President Trump that seemingly precipitated his twitter ban. He was very up-front and described the evidence he had to bring forward to the President that Dominion Voting systems and Chinese interests had in fact interfered with the election and he brought with him suggestions from attorneys on the President’s possible courses of action.

Lindell described the groups calling for his Twitter ban to Peters,

“These are hired hit groups like @SleepingGiant on twitter these guys are, they’re sick people. They attack, they get hired and just attack. These bots and trolls and they they attack. They’re calling my employees, they’re sending you know, emails. But one thing about my pillow my over 2500 employees now. We’ve all been down this road so we all stand together and they. and uh we you know we we realize the attacks are just from an entity from these hit squads they’ve probably been hired by Dominion. Who knows? Because somebody doesn’t want the truth out there.”

Lindell continued, “We cannot succumb to these hit jobs any more. We have to you know, our great President showed us one thing: You have to fight. You have to fight and not and not just back down and cower and be a coward.”

According to TheHill,

“Bed, Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s and other retailers have since dropped My Pillow products, though a Bed Bath & Beyond spokesperson told The Hill in a statement that the decision was part of a larger effort to “discontinue a number of underperforming items and brands.” Much like Dr. John Eastman a well respected Chapman University professor of Constitutional Law who supported President Trump, Lindell is feeling the full weight of the left’s censoring and vengeance.

  1. Willl We The People let this go one? until all ouMP thjese BOLSHEVOS to the ground.! They are taking over our country, each day something new!!!!
    You delete my post , dont bother to send me any more of your articles. thhank you.

  2. Censoring & Cancelling! The absolute HATRED of the FAR Left and many democrap’s is in “Full Play and on Full Screen” now. They are PROVING the who of WHO they really are. Empty vessels full of Bitterness & Hatred. As we know well there is a Higher Power and their fate will be then so Sealed ONE DAY! I do feel SORRY for many of them. Sad!

  3. Democraps like Hillary can harpfor years on twitter about how Donald ‘colluded’ with Russia. It was never true. But is she suspended? No!!!

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