This is What Will Happen to YOU if You Question Democrat ‘Leaders’

He was an endowed Professor and well-respected constitutional law scholar advising the Trump Administration on matters related to the electoral process and the mounting evidence of electoral fraud and irregularity. At least he was until last Thursday. Dr. John Eastman has now been forced out of his position at Chapman University of his heresy against the left. Eastman is an example, showing us a warning from academic and corporate leftists: This is What Will Happen to YOU, If You Dare To Question Our ‘Democratically Elected Leaders’.

According to a statement from Chapman University President Daniele Struppa,

“John Eastman, an endowed professor and constitutional law scholar at Chapman, spoke alongside Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani at the ‘Save America‘ rally Jan. 6, making the unsubstantiated claim that ‘secret folders’ inside ballot-counting machines skewed both the presidential and Georgia Senate race results in Democrats’ favor,” said the report. “

Both the University and Eastman have allegedly reached an “agreement” that Eastman would immediately retire and that neither party will take legal action.


They Demanded his Termination

CBS’ Los Angeles affiliate reported that 160 of Dr. Eastman’s peers demanded his termination however President Struppa was unable to do so. Struppa stated Jan. 9th, “The Manual does not allow me to decide on my own that any faculty is a criminal or that they should be disbarred and therefor fired, which is what I am being asked to do”. It would appear that Struppa has since caved and found a way to rid Chapman University of their once acclaimed Professor, who dared to question the supremacy of the left.

The Los Angeles Times Reported,

“Dr. Eastman’s departure closes this challenging chapter for Chapman and provides the most immediate and certain path forward for both the Chapman community and Dr. Eastman,” Struppa said in a statement.

The Times wrote that Dr. Eastman said he would finish out his term as a visiting professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, then turn his focus to the Claremont Institute’s Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence, which he directs. Dr. Eastman told reporters that his colleagues actions had “created such a hostile environment for me that I no longer wish to be a member of the Chapman faculty.”

  1. I emailed the president of Chapman Univ and give him my thoughts ref Professor Eastman. Who’s also a Free US Citizen if I recall. (Not that it will ruin his day on his job @ Chapman Univ.) He cares NOT that “Hiden Biden just FIRED over 50,000 Americans” from their JOB’s and on his very first day on his new JOB. Who really cares about them? Who has STANDING to object? They have No Standing either! Wait a month or two and we will see “”Hiden Biden”” form a = Federal Secret Police = to GET all of the Trumper’s. ALL seventy-five (75) million of us will be under – ATTACK. They or we will have NO STANDING in “Hiden Biden’s USA.”

  2. Professor, you are better off away from the vicious and dark people at that school. It is such a sad and shameful disgraceful chapter in Americn history what has happened to our country and her institutions. I fled a communist country, only to now, re- encounter the same evil regime staring me in the face. This must change. The Fraudulent elections were all planned out from the beginning. POTUS TRUMP stood no chance with the machines rigged and HI tech and MSM against us. conservatives.! This comment will probably be deleted, but I wont be silenced. If they do delete this post Im gone from this site forever.!

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