Democrat Openly Applauds Criminal Democrats…Not Shocking At All

Former Democrat lawmaker and failed candidate for governor of Georgia Stacey Abrams had a zoom meeting with the AWOL criminal Texas Democrats on Thursday, to “cheer them on” for abandoning their responsibility to follow the law. They make them, they don’t have to OBEY them.

Criminal law makers

Welcome to the New World Order where everything is upside down and inside out. Men and women who swore an oath to uphold the laws they help to make are ignoring both their job duties and the laws of their state. They’re getting gold stars from the Clintons for for criminal actions.

Abrams calls herself a voting rights advocate these days and she’s “proud of the Texas Democratic legislators who are fighting tooth and nail to protect democracy in Texas and across our country.” It’s okay to break the law if it’s for a good cause.


To her, the criminal Democrats are “fighting bad Republican bills in their state” but that’s only half the story. The bills passed fair and square because the Democrats don’t have the votes to prevent it. Since they legally don’t have a leg to stand on, they illegally declared an insurrection and now they’re criminals.

Abrams says it doesn’t matter. No George Soros owned prosecutor will lift a finger to prevent what they’re doing. “Keep on fighting, and keep standing strong,” she advises.

A group of “more than 50 Democratic lawmakers left Texas to block a vote on GOP legislation that would create harsher voter ID requirements, ban 24-hour and drive-through voting, and stop election officials from sending voters unsolicited absentee ballots.”

Democrats won’t stand for any anti-vote-rigging election integrity laws. Even if they have to turn criminal to prevent them.

Have somebody suicided

Most of them have been in D.C. since they showed up for an event “pushing for Congress to pass federal legislation to protect voting rights.”

Before they got the video call from Abrams, they had a pep talk by none other then Hillary and Bill Clinton. Hillary did most of the talking. Nothing overtly criminal was discussed on the call but everyone could tell the Texas Democrats were hoping the Clintons could have somebody suicided or something.

After the conference, Texas Democrat Gina Hinojosa told reporters “the delegation was ‘thrilled’ and ‘honored’ to speak with Abrams and the Clintons.” Abrams she, claims, is a “voting rights icon.”

“Simply put, without Stacey Abrams, there is no House Democratic walkout.” Republicans will be sure to charge her too when it comes to passing out criminal complaints in the wake of this mess. Something along the lines of inciting insurrection should do it.

Abrams’ allegedly not criminal organization, Fair Fight Action, “has been working to expand access to the vote and combat voter suppression efforts in Georgia and beyond.” The problem is that they are trying to expand access to the vote to people who have no right to vote in the first place.

That’s the only way Democrats can be sure of getting elected. The last thing they want is election integrity laws to insure that the outcome is fair and accurate. They prefer pre-determined outcomes.

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