Christ and Courage are the Solutions America Needs

Christ and courage, for anyone who claims to be a Christian that should be a simple answer. Christian, when translated from original Greek, means “Little Christ.” Followers of Jesus in the early church were dubbed this as a derogatory term but the church took it on proudly. Yes, that is the highest of goals to be like our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have lost what that means in America today. In a recent study, Barna concluded that 72 percent of American churches do not hold the Bible to be the final source of authority or direction. Let me repeat that: God’s word is not taken seriously by God’s people. There are consequences to this, we can know the pattern of destruction we now face by reading the old testament. The history of Israel is full of great revivals and horrific downfalls, all of which depended on their hearts for God’s word.


Christ Makes a Difference

The Belief in Christ founded this nation. It was not politicians, social justice warriors, or local civil rights activists who lead the way against the Tyranny of the British Monarchy. It was the preachers. Known as the Black Robe Regimine they stood at their pulpits and preached the word of God. They taught the principles, values, and wisdom hidden in plain sight amongst the pages of their Bibles.

Fifty-six men signed the Declaration of Independence, only three of them could arguably be called deists or atheists. Those three being Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander Hamilton. Strangely these are the only three founding fathers our public schools like to highlight in their history books.

The rest of the Fifty-six were men of incredible faith. Men who understood that it would be the same morals, values, and principles taught at church that would keep this nation, this Constitutional Republic, alive.

Do Not Fall For The Lies

Christians in today’s America are constantly being told that Love equals acceptance. Jesus Loved all, but He did not accept sin. He forgave it, but implored the people to “go and sin no more.” This is illustrated in the story of the adulterous woman in the book of John chapter eight.

Being a Christian is not about becoming the world’s doormat. Meekness does not equal weakness but is instead power under authority. As Christians, our authority is not ourselves. There is no such thing as your, or my, truth. There is only THE truth. We do not argue over definitions with the world, we go to the one who defined the words to begin with, we go to Christ, we read His word.

We are fighting a spiritual fight in America. The stakes of this battle are not who will be president next, but will there be an America. Those claiming to be Christian need to fall on their face and humble themselves before an Almighty God. If we can do that, if we can read His word, if we can accept and turn away from our own sin- then, and only then, do we have a chance.

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