Antifa® Takes Over City, Officials Allowing Them to Attack Citizens

City officials in Denver, Colorado have totally surrendered to Antifa®. They’re allowing “law” abiding citizens to be attacked right out in the open. Black Lives Matter™ was obliged to make an appearance at the The Western Conservative Conference in Denver. They’re up to their usual shenanigans, harassing people, cutting off traffic and just generally being violent.

Antifa® insurrection unchecked

The anarchists have won. We no longer have laws in America, only suggestions. Even those can be safely ignored by anyone of color. Antifa® can’t manage to get a foothold in conservative cities but the liberal ones are overrun with radicals.

That’s because progressive Democrat leaders “support what they are doing, protect them, and want them doing it.” Police are no longer around to protect citizens, they are there to protect BLM rioters and looters. The pillage and plunder routine is perfectly acceptable as a form of “reparations” for a couple hundred years of racial oppression.

Business owners and those on the other side of the inflammatory issue are ready to take the law in their own hands. They want to know why they shouldn’t fight back.

In Colorado, Antifa® just taught the Christian University Centennial Institute a lesson in social justice. They are the sponsors of the Western Conservative Summit. Videographer Andy Ngo was on hand to record Friday night’s festivities.

Elijah Schaffer at The Blaze shot video which Ngo passed around showing “a protester pushing a person” and hurling f-bombs. “F*** you,” Antifa® boy quips as he shoves the attendee, “You want some? You want some? You better back your a** up.”

A buddy added, “Back inside, loser.” Someone else babbled “Your man came over and f***** with him. “Watch your man and shut the f*** up.” They were mobbed outside the Hyatt Regency just itching to start trouble.

Known Nazi sympathizers

Leonne, with no last name, “like Cher,” he said relates that he was “first and foremost” protesting “that a place like this,” meaning the downtown Hyatt, “lets a conference like this happen, that accepts money from these sorts of people.” It’s horrible.

“They’re known Nazi sympathizers. They sit at the tables with people like Proud Boys.” Can’t have that. One of his Antifa® associates agreed. “This is called ‘Frontier Freedom,’ but y’all are on stolen indigenous land. And it’s on Juneteenth, and I particularly find that distasteful.” Welcome back to the thrilling days of yesteryear, where “the law of the land” is the gun in your hand.

Antifa® really doesn’t like being filmed. They’re afraid it might get used as evidence despite the way prosecutors keep throwing the files in the garbage instead of pressing charges. As reported, at “one point, there was a brawl after an outsider started to film the demonstrators and one man knocked his phone out of his hand.”

Allies of the local anarchist group are caught in the background shouting, “this is what happens.” They were egged on by “a very large woman on a megaphone.”

When Tiana Lowe, a commentary writer for Washington Examiner, “tried to film the gathering, various members of the group targeted her with green and white lasers intended to burn her retinas and break her phone camera.”

The Antifa® barbarians actually stooped so low as to encourage rioters to “pee on the floor” of the hotel because they “host Nazi’s.” The police almost got involved. “Later in the evening, about 10 Denver police officers in riot gear alternated between standing inside the conference hotel and facing off with the demonstrators.”

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