Antifa Won't Be Happy About This One

Antifa Won’t Be Happy About This One

A newly reintroduced constitutional amendment will likely draw the ire of Antifa and their supporters in the Democrat Party.

On June 14, Montana’s GOP Senator Steve Daines reintroduced a constitutional amendment to ban the “physical desecration of the American flag.”

“The American flag is a symbol of liberty and a beacon of hope. It represents the ideals that our nation was built upon and for decades, brave men and women have carried its colors into battle to defend the United States of America,” Daines said in a statement released on Flag Day.


“The Stars and Stripes are a representation of freedom. We must always protect and respect the American flag,” the senator added.

This isn’t the first time this amendment was proposed, as Daines has introduced it two times before.

The current attempt at passing the measure was co-sponsored by Republican Senators Marsha Blackburn (TN), Mike Crapo (ID), Shelley Moore Capito (WV) and Kevin Cramer (ND).

Flag burning is considered to be protected under the First Amendment as a form of self-expression thanks to the 1989 Supreme Court case Texas v. Johnson, in which “the court ruled 5-4 that Gregory Lee Johnson, a protester who burned a flag, could express politically charged symbolic speech even if it meant desecrating a national symbol,” according to reporting by The Hill.

Former Supreme Court Justice William Brennan argued in the case that it “would be odd… that the government may ban the expression of certain disagreeable ideas on the unsupported presumption that their very disagreeableness will provoke violence.”

Brennan also stated that Johnson had been convicted for “his expression of dissatisfaction with the policies of this country, expression situated at the core of our First Amendment values.”

The National Archives details the process necessary to amend the Constitution:

“The Constitution provides that an amendment may be proposed either by the Congress with a two-thirds majority vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate or by a constitutional convention called for by two-thirds of the State legislatures… The Congress proposes an amendment in the form of a joint resolution. Since the President does not have a constitutional role in the amendment process, the joint resolution does not go to the White House for signature or approval. The original document is forwarded directly to NARA’s Office of the Federal Register (OFR) for processing and publication…

The Archivist submits the proposed amendment to the States for their consideration by sending a letter of notification to each Governor along with the informational material prepared by the OFR. The Governors then formally submit the amendment to their State legislatures or the state calls for a convention, depending on what Congress has specified…

A proposed amendment becomes part of the Constitution as soon as it is ratified by three-fourths of the States (38 of 50 States).”

Of course, it is highly unlikely that this amendment will make it past Congress, as Democrats currently hold the majority in the House, and half of the Senate. Regardless, it is likely that the left will lose their minds over the thought of this, despite the fact that many leftists have called for people to be arrested for burning their precious Antifa, BLM, and Pride flags in the past. One man was even charged with hate crime harassment and reckless use of fire — and sentenced to fifteen years in jail — for burning a pride flag, though he did steal the flag from a Church, which likely contributed to the charges.

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