Dems ‘Ballot Harvesting’ Law Blows Up in Their Faces

Democrats don’t like it when Conservatives start using their low-down sneaky tricks. Since the law stands behind the liberal’s “harvesting” scheme, California Republicans can stuff the ballot box too. They are. If you can’t beat em, join em.

Ballot harvest goes both ways

Anything Democrats can do, conservatives can do better. Since Republicans got nowhere when they complained about the Democrats and their ballot harvesting scam, they decided to embrace the inevitable and harvest some ballots of their own. The job of Governor is up for grabs so Republicans are grabbing.

Liberal news outlets are screaming that “GOP operatives are opting to use their political opponents’ questionable election practice against them.” Sure, why not?


The Democrat controlled Public Policy Institute of California thinks that if the recall election happened today, Gavin Newsom would keep his job.

They are getting anxious about his chances in the future though. Nervous analysts report that “Republican ballot harvesting efforts, led by Rescue California, may change” his prospects. Rescue California is “a political committee at the forefront of the recall effort.”

The conservative group is building a “Volunteer Citizens Brigade” to harvest the ballot of every Republican voter in California, living or dead.

They don’t care where you live in the country right now or if you even have a pulse. Cats, dogs, cows, cartoons, avatars… if your name is listed as “active” on a voter registration roll in the state, with an R after it, your vote WILL be counted. Whether you take the time to vote or not.

A convenient service

What Rescue California has in mind is nothing more than a convenient service to assist voters in submitting their ballot. It’s all Democrat approved and everything. The “harvesting” process involves authorized third-party political operatives to collect voters’ ballots and then deliver those ballots to polling places.”

Back when there were still election security protocols, “only a voter, a relative of a voter or a citizen that lived in the same household as that voter” was allowed to hand in the envelope.

Democrat political icon Governor Jerry Brown is responsible for signing “a ballot harvesting measure into law allowing anyone to collect and turn in absentee ballots.” The Republican group is grinning from ear to ear as they spool the liberal arguments back into the faces of Democrats.

“Taking advantage of the massive Volunteer Citizens Brigade created by the Recall, we will contact all 5.3 million Republican voters in the state through door-to-door canvassing, texting, emailing, mail and phone calls.”

Libertarian and independent voters can have their vote harvested too! “Independent voters who are identified as recall supporters will be included in the Ballot Harvesting/GOTV program.”

Even after they get Newsom out of the office, conservatives still need to beat the Democrat who’s favored to replace him. Right now, the best chance would be conservative radio host Larry Elder.

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