Yet Another Abject Failure of DOJ Accountability

The conflict of DOJ interest is astounding and Senator Charles Grassley is calling it “yet another abject failure” of accountability in the Just Us Department. The last time he tried to grill FBI Ambiguator Christopher Wray about bias in the bureau, all he got was a laugh. Wray wasn’t about to sit there for that, he had fish to catch. How about this for bias? Nicholas McQuaid, a top official at the U.S. Justice Department, “was a law partner with Hunter Biden’s attorney Chris Clark.” If that isn’t sleeping with the enemy, the experts don’t know what is. The reason Chris Wray gets away with laughing in a Senator’s face is because the DOJ really runs this country. Merrick Garland said so on TV.

DOJ in bed with Hunter Biden

As reported by the New York Post, the relationship between DOJ lawyer Nicholas McQuaid and Hunter Biden’s attorney Chris Clark was a cozy and intimate one. It raises “serious concerns about potential conflicts of interest.

Everyone keeps saying the years-long federal probe into Hunter Biden’s bodily fluid covered laptop, and the emails in it, is at a “critical stage” but nothing seems to be happening. The reason why seems to be all the friends the Biden family has lurking in the deep, dark swamp of Washington.

While Clark was a partner at Latham & Watkins, he worked shoulder-to-shoulder with Nicholas McQuaid “on at least four different cases when he was also a partner at the practice, court records indicate.” They were big cases.

High-stakes commercial litigation where the pair regularly defended clients facing multimillion-dollar lawsuits.” They defended them well. So well that McQuaid was named acting head of the DOJ criminal division January 20, 2021, the very day Joe Biden slithered into office.

The Biden family was well aware that legal action against Hunter was inevitable. A month before Joe usurped office, they hired Clark to preemptively represent the playboy crack-head.

It turns out that the DOJ actually opened their file on him in 2018 and knew just about everything shady there was to know before the big election. As a whole herd of whistle-blowing moles told Senator Grassley, none of the investigators were allowed to even look in the general direction of the laptop.

Sweep it under the rug

Despite all the authentic and easily verifiable evidence, confirmed by Hunter’s business partner Tony Bobulinski, the DOJ and FBI clamped a tight lid on the whole investigation. Once it gets completed there has to be a report. If the probe never gets started then it will take a really long time before a report has to be turned in.

That’s what all this talk of a “critical stage” has been all about. The Just Us Department is running out of excuses for sitting on the case.

The whole world knows that there is a stack of “suspicious activity reports” filed with the Treasury department but they flat out refuse to hand them over to Republican congress members. Even ones who sit on an oversight committee. If the request doesn’t come from a Democrat, it goes in the trash.


The public also knows for certain that “a probe initially centered around taxes has reportedly expanded into potential money laundering and violations of foreign lobbying laws.” The DOJ lawyer on the case is a buddy of Hunter’s lawyer but that has nothing to do with the delay, the administration insists.

Karine Jean-Pierre ducks any question which smells like it involves the DOJ but Senator Grassley isn’t shy about talking about the issue. “It’s yet another abject failure of accountability in a long list.

If Republicans retake a majority in the Senate, the department can expect additional pressure and process from me as chairman [of the Judiciary Committee ] and from my colleagues on the Senate Judiciary Committee. We’d be seeking information from dozens of individuals, and empowered by a committee majority — we’d no longer just be asking.” Please make sure you vote this November.

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