EXPOSED: Kamala Harris Past Resurfaces and Now We Want Answers

Bizarre Video of Kamala Harris Goes Viral

Joe Biden is starting to rub off on Kamala Harris.

Harris continues to tell stories for every question she is asked, cackling nervously, and making up stories.

While attending an event in Colorado, she told another story, cackling out of control, that seemed as though it was not authentic in the least.

Bad Conservatives

Harris was at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities to push the Biden energy agenda.

She first claimed to be part of the climate change movement since birth.

She then told a story how she went home and asked her mother, “Why are conservatives bad, mommy?

“Because, I thought we were supposed to conserve.

“I couldn’t reconcile it. Now I can.”

In that one stupid story, Harris confirmed what most of us already knew… they literally consider us bad people.

We are not people with different political views, just bad people.

Source: Fox News

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