REPORT: Wife of Biden’s Chief of Staff Has REPEATEDLY Contributed to CCP

A prominent Biden-Harris official may have a bit of a security clearance issue as they transition into their new post at the US Department of State. His wife who is also joining the State Department has a deep and disturbing history with the Chinese Communist Party.

According to reports from the National Pulse, the wife of Biden’s Cheif of Staff Ron Klain: Monica Medina, has contributed on more than one occassion to the Chinese Communist Party’s media outlets. Medina is reportedly an adjunct professor at Georgetown.

According to 100PercentFedUp,


“She describes her time on propagandist Chinese networks as one “of the cool things” she has done.”

Monica Medina has appeared as a conrtibutor on CGTN the Chinese Communist Party propoganda mouth piece which airs “forced confessions”, and spreads “propaganda to discredit credible accusations of genocide in the country’s Xinjiang province,” according to The National Pulse.

CGTV or The China Government Television Network is notorious for courting American academics to lend their outright propogandist drivel some semblance of legitmacy and credibility.

Medina has joined their programs and sold out her own country by speaking favorably of China’s Belt and Road Initiative which presents a clear and present strategic danger to American interests. She did this during an interview with CGTN host Mike Walter. She even took a few minutes to schill her new Newsletter to the Chinese audience.

“But I think even China’s Belt and Road Initiative and its Arctic Initiative are ways that we can see the development happening,” Medina notes.

A Repeat Propogandizer for a Wife

Reports have shown that Medina has appeared on CGTN three times in just 2019 alone, she even did a segment on impact of summer festivals on trash and recycling in Western Nations like the US and UK. Her interview paints the US and UK as major contributors to plastic pollution but doesn’t give a single mention of China being by far the worlds biggest polluter in plastics among other pollutants.

Medina is also set to join the Biden-Harris regime as Assistant SEcretary in the Buereau of Oceans and International Environmental and Science Affairs in clear violation of Joe Biden’s “no family members ” pledge to voters. How can he square that she’ll be working not just for the federal government but for the very same service as her husband? He can’t, plain and simple.

It was only a matter of time before the rampant nepotism and patronage politics that the left is notorious for reared its ugly head in the Biden occupied White House. Honestly, its surprising that it took this long. All of these mixed allegiances are going to make Ron Klain’s life, and that of his wife a bit more complicated.

  1. Dear sweet delusional Monica. First the CCP doesn’t need any money. Second they don’t care who you are nor are they influenced by you or said money. Third they would wipe you and yours, along with the rest of us, off the face of the earth without remorse. FYI.

  2. Just terrific. We have this woman playing footsie with the Chinese Communist Party, we have Swalwell playig footsie with a known Chinese spy. Who else is on the “traitor” list. Why are these people in our government. The Democrat Party has truly gone off the deep end. They are killing our country as we know it. These people need to be removed from any office they or their husband/wife hold. What is wrong with Biden and his co-horts. I do not want to see my beautiful country be destroyed by these traitors.

  3. Probably half the donations came from Joe and his son themselves. Maybe even the rest of the demonacrats that are in the process of destroying the American Experiment

  4. We should not be hiring anyone whose wife donates to the Chinese Communist Party.
    It’s bad enough that the pResident and his family members are getting paychecks from the Chinese and the Russians.

  5. Excellent reporting, but hardly surprising. The 2020 Election was won by the ChiCom’s and they have installed a government headed by their demented puppet Comrade Biden.It is no surpise that his Chief of Staff should also be a ChiCOm agent. In fact, the only surprise would be that he is not a ChiCom agent. When will people realize that we are now an occupied country under the control of the ChiCOms in Beijing. Every action taken by the puppet Biden has been to serve ChiCOm interests, and this will continue until Patriots wake up and remove these enemies and end their reign of terror and treason. It’s not nepotism or corruption or any of the usual political shenanigans, it’s exactly what the ChiComs need to accomplish toc consolidate their control over this nation. That the wife of the #2 man in the White House is a paid Communist agent is not a surprise. ChiCom agents are being placed in control of all vital government positions, and will use their power to turn the USA into a ChiCom province.

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